Common Reasons Your Toilet Is Leaking

According to this video, many common reasons for leaking toilets exist. One of the most common reasons toilets leak is that the flapper valve on the flip lever wears or warps. Another common reason that toilets leak is that the fill valve loses its seal. The fill valve may also have a faulty tube. The gasket from the tank to the bowl can also wear and cause a leak to occur in your toilet.

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The rubber on some of the bolts can wear and cause you to experience a leak on your floor, as well. Another common problem that can occur is that the flush valve gasket can degrade over time. It’s a problem that naturally occurs as your toilet and all of its parts age. The trip lever can be problematic to your toilet’s functioning also. It can sometimes be so tight that it disconnects the flapper from the flush valve and eliminates the seal.

The good news about a leaky toilet is that skilled plumbers are available to assist you. You can schedule a consultation for plumbing services if you notice that your toilet is experiencing a leak. A plumber can diagnose the problem and come up with a strategy to resolve your issue right away.

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