How to Select the Right Window Draperies and Treatments for Your Home

Are you planning on purchasing window draperies and treatments? If so, you might be wondering how to get value for your money. What are some of the different window coverings? How do you choose the right fit for every room in your home? There are a lot of questions to answer! For starters, in our experience, draper panels are considered a more formal type of window treatment for your windows. They could be lined with another layer of fabric either light filtering or blackout.

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Light filtering simply means that the liner allows more natural daylight to penetrate the space. If you like a little bit light into your space and do not want your windows fully pitch-black you could opt for a drapery panel with light filtering options. If you like a pitch-black room, for instance a media room, or a family room or theater where you can watch TV, you want it to be pitch-black. If you have a young child and you prefer the room dark and cozy, which can induce better sleep and longer nap times, you may want to choose a drapery panel with a blackout liner. The blackout liner has levels of opacity that refer to how dark a room can get so that you can get multiple layers of opacity. The higher the number of opacity, the darker the room will be.


Opt for a drapery panel with light filtering options.

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