How to Install a Vinyl Privacy Fence

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Perhaps you just purchased land or new homes constructed around your existing abode have made it necessary to fence your property to preserve your privacy. You can install a vinyl privacy fence to achieve privacy while spending a reasonable amount.

You could install it yourself, as well, if you have basic do-it-yourselfer skills and tools. It can help to watch a video first, so you understand why you need the double driveway gate to open in and why you add aluminum I-beams to the interior of the hollow vinyl gate posts. While vinyl provides a sturdy fence that appears to be made of wood from afar, it needs this bolstering to its posts to ensure it does not sag.
Vinyl does not buckle or fade. It requires almost no maintenance.

You can make your installation a breeze by mapping the fenced area first. You need to write it all down and measure things out. A common mistake that occurs when people skip this step is installing the fence on the wrong side of the property boundary. Your neighbor probably will not appreciate that.

Making a plan on paper solves that problem. Next, stake the proposed installation so you can check the yard for obstructions. This double-check of the paper boundary lines ensures you do not get halfway through an installation to discover the landscaper planted bushes in your path months ago or your installation would fence through your spouse’s border garden.

Gather all the tools and materials you need together before you begin the installation. This saves you the time that you might spend looking for a tool. If you need to cut a gate or trim any panels, measure it twice and cut it now. You will have it ready when the posts go into the ground.

Dig the fence post holes. This becomes simpler after staking the fence line because you can see at a glance where each hole goes.
You first install all of your fence posts. It may resemble Stonehenge while you begin construction, but you will find it more efficient to install all of the posts first.

Once the posts go in and you have them sturdily in the ground, you simply slide the vinyl panels into the housing. This assembly goes pretty quickly since the panels fit into the edges on the posts.

Sometimes, you discover challenges in your yard or find that despite a helpful episode of “Ask This Old House,” you got stuck. You can call a commercial wood fencing company for help with the installation.

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