Helping Old Homes Get A Facelift


The charity home builders, Habitat for Humanity, have been busy all over the United States spearheading the effort to build homes for families that need them. The heart of this effort is the astronomical number of builders that agree to build these homes for free.

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What is the catch? There is no catch for the recipients, rather for Habitat for Humanity. The stipulation put forth by the builders is that they must be finished with the current project within one full week. Why? Keep reading.

So What Is the Home Builders’ Blitz?

What has just been described here is known as the Home Builders’ Blitz. Homebuilders are a busy group of people with many obligations for paying customers.

The only way they are able to participate in a Habitat for Humanity project is if they do not have to commit too much time. They have discovered they can successfully build a home in one week. Hence the name Home Builders’ Blitz. Because of this huge numbers of builders are able to comply with the request several times at least. This makes everyone feel great.

Quality Is Not Sacrificed

The pessimist might look at something like this and say, “oh, the quality of these homes must not be so great.” This sentiment cannot be further from the truth. The quality of these free homes is every bit as good as one for a paying customer right down to the asphalt driveways. Only the best materials are used and nobody cuts corners when it comes to building the homes.

Who Benefits From Home Builders’ Blitz Events?

Of course, the biggest beneficiary is the recipient of the home. These are people that previously were homeless, with a particular focus on families. To them, the charity homes are nothing short of a miracle. It might surprise people to learn that the builders who participate are every bit as thrilled as the new homeowners. It makes each of them feel so good knowing they can make such a contribution to their communities. They all agree it is so gratifying to give back to society in this manner.

Other Benefits for the Recipients

Perhaps not as quickly thought of is the benefit of living in a community where everyone has endured a similar path. Each of the new homeowners can share their story of where they have been and what the new home means to them. It is like having a huge and instant extended family. Each person within the new community can really appreciate the opportunities living there bring them. Habitat for Humanity is truly Heaven-sent!


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