Here is What to Avoid When Pressure Washing

In this video, you will learn about pool deck pressure washing. Never pressure wash without close-toed shoes. You could blow your toe-off. With so much pressure behind it, the water can cut your feet.

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Even if it isn’t from the water, something that the water hits off of could cut your foot. If you are doing a driveway, do not sweep. Don’t do big sweeps back and forth. You are going to want to dance with the water and dance back and forth. One thing that people do sometimes have the pressure up too high. The tank can be upstream or downstream. Do not put your own soap in the tank if it is an upstream tank. You can get the soap that goes into it normally. Do not put bleach or something hard in there. If you put it in there, it is going to take it through the tank and. through your water pump and into the hose. Now, it will be really potent. You should do this only for a downstream hose. When you are using our own soap, it is a good idea to not use harsh chemicals.

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