Flat Vs. Flat Roof Overlay

In this video, you will learn about flat roof restorations. When they run into buildings that have a flat roof that has aged past their service life, or low likelihood that they can stop the leaks, they may do an overlay. They evaluate the roof and do a risk-reward evaluation.

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There is no point to pay them to patch it if they think the roof can’t be patched. An overlay is a better option than to rip everything off. An overlay saves you money. You get to leave the existing roof system in place and recover it with a new flat roof membrane. A standard situation where you don’t want to raise the height is to install a half-inch of PVC. They will add all-new trim and flashing. The roof will be like a brand new roof. The difference is, you don’t have to rip off the old roof. You may want to consider a flat roof overlay. This decreases the overall cost by over 50%. The labor cost to do a new roof is huge as it is. Cutting out the cost of tearing down the old roof is a big way to save.

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