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Gardening One Landscaping Idea

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There are many landscape ideas out there for those who are looking to spice up their backyard with a mix of gardens, paths, stone walkways, ponds, pools, and more. There are many ways to spice of a landscape. Many of these ways are available for the public to do, while some are possible due to the expertise of landscapers and landscape designers.

There are some statistics associated with landscaping that are available to the public. They include how many Americans think a yard is important, how many Americans think a yard should be well-maintained, how many homeowners are upgrading their backyard, how much landscaping improves resale value and more. They are as follows.

  • Landscaping can increase a home?s resale value by 14%.
  • Nearly 90% of real estate agents recommend that homeowners invest in landscaping before putting their home on the market.
  • According to a recent survey by Harris Poll for the National Association of Landscape Professionals, 67% of Americans agree that professional landscaping would allow them to have a nicer yard.
  • The majority of homeowners upgrading their outdoor spaces are addressing their backyard (64%).
  • Over half of homeowners who are upgrading their outdoor spaces spend six or more hours there per week (51%). Relaxing, gardening, and entertaining are the top three uses of the space.
  • 83% of Americans think having a yard is important and 90% of those with a yard think it is important that it is also well-maintained.
  • The average American spends, on average, 4 hours per week taking care of their lawn. That adds up to an average of 208 hours per year, or over 8 days.

There are other statistics as well. These statistics show that most of the Americans surveyed for that poll think that having a yard is important. They also think that a yard should be well-maintained. They also are thinking about upgrading their yard to enable it to have better options for relaxing and gardening.

There are many ways to spice up a landscape. One of these ways is the aforementioned gardening, which can be done in many ways. Having a garden is a great way to spice up a front yard, to make it more appealing for people passing on the street, to make the yard more colorful, and to get a little exercise in the process.

Gardens can come in many sizes and shapes. There are different flowers that can be used as well. Some of these flowers consist of petunias, gardenias, creep phlox, geraniums, poppies, hibiscus, and any kind of general annuals or perennials. Knowing the difference between annuals and perennials is help for dealing with flowers.

Annuals are the type of flowers that last the entire season when they are planted. Perennials are the type of flowers that last season after season. Perennials grow back each season, making them a good choice for those that are looking for a low maintenance garden. Annuals die out after the season and have to be replanted for the next season.

Gardens can be planted in many areas of the house. They can be lined along the front of the house, to give more color to the houses. They can be lined near the street, to give people and passerbys an opportunity to view the color from the street. Some flowers need a certain amount of sunlight. Some need a certain amount of shade.

In all these cases, it’s important to select the spot that is most available and has the requisite amount of sunlight. The right soil is important too to getting the job done. The right soil and the right amount of sunlight enable flowers to function more effectively during the summer months.

Landscape ideas run the gamut of different things that can be done to a lawn to make it more personalized and individualized. Landscape ideas can amount to putting gnomes or flamingos in the yard. Landscape ideas can amount to putting a stone pathway in the yard. Landscape ideas can amount to putting a garden in the yard.

There are terms associated with gardens and landscaping. They include landscaping services, landscaping service, landscape design service, landscape design services, landscape construction, landscape design and construction, landscape architect, landscape architecture and design, and more.

There are many ways to spice up a landscape and they can be found at various locations.

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