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Three Reasons to Consider Replacing Your Windows

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A recent survey shows that nearly two thirds of all Americans who own their own home are planning on renovating it. If you’re considering a renovation, calling a window installation company to get replacement windows should definitely be on your project list. Here’s why:

You Need Efficient Windows

Did you know that a drafty window (that’s one that lets air escape or enter easily) can be increasing your home energy bill by 10% to 25%? The Department of Energy reports that about 45% of our average energy bill goes to heating, and natural gas heating costs half of those who use it an average of $649 per year. Just imagine the savings you could get if you were able to shave 10-25% off that bill.

What you want in particular is a home window that’s double-paned, and you want the newest such residential windows a window installation company can get you. Double-paned home windows, in general, are twice as good at keeping in the heat and the air conditioning than the single-paned ones. And the newest type with low-E coatings that make them energy efficient are even better. The Efficient Windows Collaborative estimates that a house of 2,600 square feet would save 15% a year on energy by using the newer technology.

New Windows Are Cheaper Than You Might Fear

Cost is definitely something that keeps people from considering calling a window installation company to replace windows. While it will cost money to get new windows, sure, the costs are more than made up for by energy savings. The average replacement window costs between $300 and $700 depending on size, and windows of good quality, maintained well, can last more than 20 years. And remember that this discussion of energy efficiency hasn’t even taken into consideration other value that new windows can give you, such as better security that comes with better windows, or nicer aesthetics.

New Windows Add Value to Your Home

If you call a window installation company and install windows better than the ones you had before, you greatly increase the value of your home for re-sale. The house will look better and offer potential buyers energy efficiency savings that make your home more enticing. In fact, the National Association of Realtors says that most homeowners who replace their windows can typically see an ROI of 80%.

There are a lot of good reasons to consider installing windows: they upgrade your house, save you a lot in energy costs, and make your home more valuable if you want to sell. Look into window installation companies in your area and see what kinds of windows are available for your particular home.

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