Building the Interior of a Garden Room

In the video below, the host details the process of insulating a garden room interior. The focus is on utilizing 50 ml thick foil-backed foam insulation to enhance the room’s thermal efficiency. Despite facing challenges due to the hottest day of the year, the host adeptly showcases the cutting and fitting of insulation sheets for both the ceiling and walls. The tools employed, including a trestle table, jigsaw, and specialized blades, contribute to a manageable and efficient process.

Video Source

Moving on, the host covers taping the seams with 100 ml tape to ensure a well-insulated space. The process involves measuring, cutting, and attaching the insulation boards, with an emphasis on precision. The host then transitions to working on the ceiling, using a 9 mil MDF cut with a track saw. The installation involves a creative use of a batten to assist in lifting the board into place, securing it with screws.

In the final stages, the host adds strips to cover joints between boards, creating a paneled effect. The use of an electric nail gun for attaching the strips is highlighted, with attention to detail in filling holes. The host expresses satisfaction with the paneling technique and hints at incorporating it into a future workshop build. The comprehensive demonstration provides a step-by-step guide to insulating and transforming the room.

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