4 Tips For Finding Rental Property Furniture

Furnishing your rental property can be a great way to draw in tenants, depending on the tenants you’re looking to attract and the location of your rental property. Many students or younger adults are looking for furnished apartments, especially if your rental property is located near campus. However, to draw in tenants to your furnished rental property, you’ll need the right commercial rental property furniture. These tips will help you find the right condo furniture for your furnished apartment.

  • Pick multi-purpose furniture: When selecting furniture for your furnished apartment, look for pieces that will serve multiple purposes, like sleeper-sofas or other convertible furniture. This will keep your furniture pieces from taking up too much space in your rental property and make the space overall look larger, which will appeal to potential tenants.
  • Make it fit any style: Your tenants are going to want to customize your rental property to suit their tastes, so make sure that your rental property furniture can work with multiple personal interior design tastes. If you pick furniture that doesn’t match with multiple styles well, your tenants might accidentally do damage to your property in an attempt to make it work with their personal tastes. Look for neutral color palettes that can blend with a variety of design styles without too many major issues.
  • Remember your tenants: Different tenants are going to have different needs, and it’s important to keep this in mind when selecting furniture for your rental property. Pay special attention if your tenants are likely to be students; furniture sales during back-to-school shopping season are projected to reach an estimated $6.23 billion. Be sure to take advantage of rental opportunities this time of year.
  • Pick and choose: When looking at wholesale furniture, remember that you’re not going to need every possible furniture piece available. You have the ability to pick and choose exactly what pieces you’ll be adding to your furnished rental property; your tenants can fill in any gaps that are left.

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