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Waste Management Is A Daily Process Who To Call When Your Business Needs A Visual Touch-Up

Trash is all around us. The only reason you don’t see more is due to the hard work of local garbage services.

Street sweeping trucks keep the road clear of debris and make sure you’re not struggling through ice and snow on the way to work. Commercial garbage pickup gives you the shining parking lots you’ve come to expect when approaching businesses of any industry or size. Removing waste, simply put, has been turned into an art form. When your property could use a touch-up, a dumpster rental or commercial trash removal service can fill in the gap. This is a hazardous job, but one that’s necessary to live a safe life.

Show your customers the best your business has to offer. Here’s what you should know about waste removal, recycling, and today’s garbage services.

Waste accumulates at a rate almost impossible to keep track of. The average American, over the course of their lifetime, will throw away 600 times the amount of their adult weight in garbage. It’s estimated an upwards of $11 billion is spent every year just to clean up litter, never mind actually disposing of it properly. Waste management is a vast and complex field designed to address every single aspect possible, from safety to recycling. When you reach out to garbage pickup services, you make sure you stay ahead of the curve.

This is essential, because failing to dispose of trash properly isn’t just unsightly…but dangerous. Runoff pollution is a common issue in cities due to the abundance of smooth surfaces like concrete and brick. When it rains several contaminants — ranging from chemicals to oil — gather up throughout the city, clogging drains and causing bacteria to grow. This can affect local wildlife and even the very air you breathe. Street sweepers work hard on a daily basis to make sure this doesn’t affect nearby communities.

Waste management and clean up is carefully defined to reduce the risk of human error. You can find the waste hierarchy defined by the ‘3 Rs’ — reduce, reuse, and recycle, all of which classify waste management strategies due to how desirable they are in the moment. Organic materials remain the largest component of municipal solid waste (or MSW). These include paper, paperboard, yard trimmings, food, and even certain types of drink. When the average person can generate up to four pounds of trash in a single day, it’s easy to see why these services are so necessary.

Recycling is one of the best ways to not just control waste, but use it to reduce strain on the environment and our resources. It’s astonishing how much can be reused with a little foresight. Recycling just one ton of cardboard, for example, can save over nine cubic yards of landfill space. Landfills are a notorious drain on the environment and are in dire need of reduction, as they take up valuable space and affect outdoor air quality. It’s estimated 85% of Americans today have regular access to curbside or drop-off paper recycling programs.

When your business’s exterior design needs a proverbial spit shine, commercial trash removal is who you turn to. While basic maintenance can be done with hired janitors, anything larger is best done with a professional waste management service. They have both the resources and manpower to ensure a thorough job. According to recent data provided by the United Nations Centre For Human Settlements, between 25% and 55% of all waste generated in large cities is collected by municipal authorities. Garbage removal services can provide you with dumpster rentals even as they help you sweep, wash, and pick up garbage in your immediate area.

Keep your business clean and give customers a solid first impression. Reach out to business garbage pickup next time you’re concerned about your image and, subsequently, your impact.

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