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Porch Netting and Other Screens Made of Mesh Material

Porch netting is available in many different materials, providing different screens and protection from bugs. Most often, these are made of mesh screen fabric of some sort. They can be screens that are rolled up and extended around the porch or patio as you need them most often.

Screen Mesh Material

Screen mesh material works for privacy screens for windows as well as creating the porch netting that may create screens needed only at specific times of the year. Screens help you open windows for fresh air when the temperature is comfortable, offering cost and energy savings. During this time you can use fans for cooling and circulation, while there is no reason to worry about bugs invading your home because of those screens.

Benefits of Outdoor Mesh Screens

Many mesh screens are more flexible and mobile than the standard screens that are installed with windows. Porch netting is not the only things that mesh screens make, and because it is often rolled up it can be used fiberglass patio rolls, pool screen rolls, and any other rollable or retractable screens. Some screens have a very close-knit mesh providing a privacy screen for certain rooms of the home. These can also help with shade and those bright times of the day when the additional privacy screen can be rolled down to keep out some of the hottest sunlight.

Screen Mesh Options

In addition to porch netting, there are many other screen options for mesh material. A benefit of contemporary mesh screen is being solid and long-lasting. It is also thicker, with the potential for more privacy, either inside a window or a patio. Some of the specific screens that are made from mesh include the following:

  • Patio bug screens
  • Porch screen rolls
  • Pool cage screens
  • Bug screens
  • Golf ball proof screen
  • Screens for pools

Some of these screens are both rolled around a specific area, while others are rolled up and down in attachment to an awning or roof. These mesh screens help to create a private area that is still out in the open with fresh air access.

So many types of porch and patio screens are available, including porch netting, the benefits of screen mesh material are great. With the ability to offer privacy while still having a fresh air, open setting, there is a lot to enjoy in your patio, porch, or pool deck. Any open area around your home can still be protected from bugs as well as those screens installed in your windows. Additionally, you can repair these mesh screens on your own as needed. With screen mesh material in use, there is much easier work than former rewiring that was required to repair screens that had been broken and eaten up.

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