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Space Heaters Can Supplement, But Not Replace, a Good Central Heating System

When winter sets in and the temperature drops, you turn to your heating system or space heater to warm your home quickly and efficiently. Portable space heaters are a convenient solution and work well as the sole source of heat or supplement central heating systems. However, nothing can beat a central heating system to maintain …

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Why Interior Designers Make a Difference in Your Home’s Decor

You are excited about redecorating your living space. It is certainly time for something fresh in your life. Have you considered the wonderful world of interior designers? Some shy away from interior contractors for fear of high prices. The Internet, however, continues to make interior designs done by a professional who is approved by the …

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Occupational Illnesses and Injuries Avoid Missing Days at the Office

Did you know that, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), workers missed 905,700 days of work in 2012 owing to occupational injuries and illnesses? Many people associate risks with some of the most dangerous jobs, such as industrial mechanics, construction workers, and law enforcement. Even standard desk jobs, however, can threaten the average …

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