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Space Heaters Can Supplement, But Not Replace, a Good Central Heating System

When winter sets in and the temperature drops, you turn to your heating system or space heater to warm your home quickly and efficiently. Portable space heaters are a convenient solution and work well as the sole source of heat or supplement central heating systems. However, nothing can beat a central heating system to maintain a consistent temperature throughout your house and in every room. Space heaters are designed to heat only a specific area and can be moved around the house.
When your central heating system malfunctions, space heaters come in handy, although not to replace the system altogether. If you’re looking for space heaters for a short time, try climate control rental services. Take your pick from ceramic heating radiators or the seasons comfort space heater. As for the infrared vs oil heater choices, if you’re looking for a heater to heat up your space evenly, go with an oil heater, whereas with infrared heaters, you get directed heat. There’s no denying these heaters cost quite a bit. If you aren’t keen on spending a lot, consider purchasing refurbished heaters at a reduced cost.

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When heating and cooling systems aren’t working properly, it can be quite difficult to get comfortable in your home, regardless of if you are trying to get chores done, finishing up some homework, or lounging on the couch after a long day at work. This can be particularly true in the winter, when there is just no escape from the cold. Sometimes, no matter how many blankets and sweatshirts you bury yourself under, it can just be impossible to get warmed up. Fortunately, a cold home and failing heating system don’t have to be permanent.

If you have a heating system that isn’t keeping you as toasty as you would like, then you might want to invest in a space heater or two. Though they are not efficient for warming up a whole home, and will actually be more expensive to run, they can be a great addition to a bedroom or den that doesn’t get sufficient heating. Despite their size, they can be much more powerful than they look and might even get a room warm enough so that you don’t need a blanket at all.

Space heaters come in multiple styles and options, but the easiest ones to use plug into a standard outlet and run on electricity. Generally, they produce between 10,000 and 40,000 Btu per hour, making them more than able to warm up a specific room. But if you do choose to use one or two, you have to be careful. According to estimates from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, space heaters account for more than 25,000 home fires and 300 deaths every year.

Though they can be a nice tool, contacting a heating contractor who can provide fast and effective heating repair services is a better option if you want to get more warmth from your heating system. Getting heating system repairs will make it easy to control the temperature in your home without having to worry about plugging in extra heaters or having to bundle up when a system stops working.

The most talented heating contractors will have the ability to quickly diagnose and fix all of the common heating problems that homeowners have to deal with. Those issues could include dirty or leaking ducts, issues with the thermostat, or a pilot light that won’t stay lit. Whatever the case may be, hiring a heating contractor as soon as you notice a problem is the best way to avoid having to buy space heaters and extra blankets to stay warm during the cold winter months. More like this article.

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