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Occupational Illnesses and Injuries Avoid Missing Days at the Office

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Did you know that, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), workers missed 905,700 days of work in 2012 owing to occupational injuries and illnesses? Many people associate risks with some of the most dangerous jobs, such as industrial mechanics, construction workers, and law enforcement. Even standard desk jobs, however, can threaten the average workers’ health and well-being. What are some simple tips for avoiding work-related injuries and illnesses in a typical office environment?

Don’t Get the Office Bug

According to Forbes, 38% of employers admit that presenteeism (or an employee attending work while they are sick and contagious) negatively impacts productivity. It can be just about impossible to avoid coming down with something during the flu season, especially when you are surrounded by sick coworkers. What are some tips for staying healthy when everyone else in the office is sick?

  • Get a flu shot. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), flu shots are the best way to prevent illness. If people contract the flu before getting the shot, they can ask doctors to inject an anti-viral shot within 48 hours.
  • Beware of shared objects. The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease reveals that Rhinoviruses can survive on skin for up to three hours. Avoid coming into contact with cold germs altogether by washing your hands frequently after touching shared office supplies, books, coffee pots, refrigerators, and door handles.
  • Go natural. According to the Mother Nature Network (MNN), workers can fight off cold symptoms and sore throats with honey, green tea, and ginger tea. Honey helps soothe throats, and green or ginger tea helps stimulate immune systems.

Avoid Serious Injuries in the Office

Office-related injuries typically involve electrical or fire hazards. Simple wire management tools, such as desk grommets or rubber grommets, can keep employees safe at their desk jobs. Desk grommets fit into most desktops or tabletops, giving workers a simple and necessary means of diverting wiring away from sharp edges and corners, or sometimes even jagged metal pieces. Circular or oblong grommets keep wiring intact, preventing wear, tear, and fraying that can lead to common electrical hazards.

Workers in any given environment are not immune to dangers and illnesses. Office workers can stay productive, and limit sick days, by avoiding the office flu and keeping electrical wiring intact using simple desk grommets. Helpful research also found here.

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