Custom pool design Screen enclosure

Why You Need a Pool

For many homeowners, getting an inground pool is a privilege and investment that takes lots of financial planning and discussion. However, once you finally make the decision to move forward with a pool, you will never regret it. In fact, you may feel like you have a beachy oasis right in your back yard. It is important to keep in mind, though, that a lot more goes into making your pool one of a kind than concrete and water. Your local pool contractors can help you pick the best custom pool designs for you, but in the meantime, here are some of the best features you can add to your outdoor paradise.

If you are looking to build a custom pool, consider adding the function of infinity pools. These custom pool designs are ideal for people with smaller back yards or those who want the option to swim laps as exercise rather than just have the pool for pleasure. In an infinity pool, a large, powerful jet creates a forceful current of water, which is strong enough to push against you as you swim towards the jet. This powerful stream of water keeps you in one place, allowing you to swim stationary indefinitely, hence the term “infinity pool.”

Ramp up your custom pool designs with some gaming and activity features. Pools can come with anchors and posts along its ledges that allow you to mount a poolside basketball hoop, or stretch a volleyball net from side to side. If you have a shallow pool and expect to do lots of entertaining with children and teens, a gaming pool is perfect for you. If your pool has a deep end, a diving board or a poolside slide is another beloved feature for those looking to make a splash.

If you are looking for a custom pool that is all about relaxing, you can have an island table installed in your pool. The surface of the table rises several inches above the water to keep your food and cocktails safe from stray splashes, and it is anchored to the pool floor with a concrete column so it is always secure. Install the table alongside some pool benches, and you are set for afternoons of relaxation.

Did you know that your custom pool can double as an intimate, romantic cove? Pool designers can create a mock waterfall on the edge of your pool that creates a curtain of water concealing a cozy pool bench. Through faux rocks and cleverly hidden piping, you can have a secret getaway that feels like a tropical island right in your back yard.

Take your relaxation levels up a notch with a tanning shelf. A tanning shelf is essentially an extra-wide pool bench that sits only three to four inches beneath the surface of the pool. This is the perfect depth for you to lather up with tanning oil on a hot day, and soak up rays while tiny cool waves lap at your skin. You can even bring a bath pillow along to keep your head completely above water. Nama-stay in the pool, right?

Perhaps the crown jewel of a custom pool is its cooler, most coveted cousin: the hot tub. If you are already making the financial dedication to a pool, you might as well take the extra plunge to install a hot tub. What better feeling is there than getting out of brisk, chilly pool water and slipping into the cozy currents of a hot tub? Or, on the reverse, what feels better than overheating in a hot tub and cannonballing into a blissfully cool pool? Hot tubs are relatively cheap to install compared to a pool, and can be cleverly and fashionably connected to one another via stream.

There are many other features to customize your pool that will make the pool owner life much easier: robotic pool floor sweepers, automated chemical release and water filtration systems, and pool heating and cooling functions. Find out what lifestyle you want your pool to suit (gaming and action, exercise, or cocktails and leisure) and find out how much time and energy you can dedicate to the maintenance, then give your custom pool designs experts a call.

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