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Three Ways to Upgrade the Window Treatments in Your Current Pad

Patio awnings

Did you know that, without window treatments, about 50% of a home?s heating and cooling energy is lost? There?s more than one reason to invest in updating your home?s window treatments. For many people, it?s been a while since they bothered re-examining the hand-me-down curtains their parents or grandparents gave them for the first apartment. By now, though, those curtains may be faded — and not the right feel for your current, stylish pad. How can you upgrade? Here?s a few ideas.

Bold Patterning

Who says that curtains need to be solid colors? In 2016, many designers are turning to very bold patterns and prints. Think big, rather than small — in other words, you?re going to want to clearly see the design elements, and it shouldn?t be little dots that fade together when viewed 10 feet away. Emilio Pucci style prints are very popular right now for homeowners who don?t mind being a bit daring.

Colorful Venetian Blinds

If something simple and utilitarian is more your style, venetian blinds are always popular — especially for areas like home offices where the ability to dim the light and hide the distractions may be especially important. This doesn?t mean, though, that you need to opt for plain white every time. Consider going for a brighter solid hue, or even experimenting with wooden venetian blinds for something a bit more playful and eye catching.

Window Shades

Window shades typically drop down in one solid square, and they can be a great accessory for homes engaging in a more modern, minimalist style where drapes with a more traditional look and flow might feel out of place. There are many opportunities to get experimental with shades, though! They can often come in multiple hues and patterns — think two large red stripes on white in a room that uses red as an accent color, for example.

Are you wondering where to buy shades? Although you can buy them either online or in person, examining them in a showroom will allow you to experience the material quality and opaqueness for yourself before purchasing. This goes for any window treatment: it?s easy to hide these things in online photos, only to get your package e in the mail and realize that the manufacturer didn?t even bother sewing the bottom!

Are you looking into where to buy shades, blinds and curtains? Always opt for a company with a good reputation to shade your home!

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