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Taking A Much Closer Look At The Importance Of Pest Control Services Here In The United States

From squirrel removal and squirrel control services to other types of rodent removal that can be provided, pest control companies play an incredibly important role here and all throughout the United States as a whole. As a matter of fact, many people simply would not be able to live as safely and as comfortable as they currently do if not for the spread of pest control services all throughout the country – and in many other places all around the world as well.

Squirrel removal services, for instance, are necessary in places where squirrels are very common and squirrel control is a must. Without squirrel control, for instance, many a home would be infested by squirrels at some point in time, as squirrels can burrow their way into homes and will often try to live in attic spaces – or even in the walls, depending on the home in question. Therefore, in parts of the country where the squirrel populations are considerable, pest control companies that also provide squirrel control services are an absolute must.

And it’s always important to hire professionals to handle issues like squirrel control, as the average home owner living in the United States is not particularly likely to have an abundance of experience in squirrel control, if any at all. Not only can squirrels become aggressive, but they can also carry a number of diseases. Allowing for the professionals to handle squirrel control can help to ensure that everyone stays safe – including the squirrels themselves, as most pest control professionals are well trained in the live removal of squirrels and methods of humane squirrel removal.

But, of course, squirrel control is not the only problem that pest control professionals face. Rodent problems, particularly surrounding rats and mice, has climbed considerably in recent years, particularly in city locations, where it becomes easy for such rodents to scavenge and hide, allowing these rodent populations to more than thrive. After all, the city of Chicago has seen an increase in rodent related calls to pest control services by as much as 61% in recent years, and many other cities have it even worse off. In both New York City as well as in San Francisco, these rodent related calls have actually increased by considerably more than 100%, which is certainly quite telling, to say the very least.

And the abundance of rats is nothing to turn a blind eye to, as rodent populations such as these can spiral out of control all too quickly. As a matter of fact, studies have shown that, given ideal breeding and living conditions, a rodent population of only two could all too easily become a rodent population of more than 480 million (around 482 million, to be more exact) over the span of time of a mere three years, less even than half of a decade. And these rats not only pose a threat in terms of disease, but in food contamination as well.

Already, data shows that rodents like rats consume a good chunk of all of the food around the world, consuming or contaminating in some way as much has one fifth of it. And, without the help of pest control services working throughout the country and the world as a whole, this number would be much more extreme. As a matter of fact, it would likely climb to about 50%, meaning that half of all of the usable food produced around the world would no longer be safe for human consumption. As one might suspect, the consequences of this would be quite severe indeed.

Fortunately, pest control services have become more commonplace – and more widely accessible – than ever before. From squirrel control when infestations of squirrel families are discovered to other types of rodent control surrounding rats and there rodents, there are many important roles that the pest control professional must place – and a wide array of expertise that they must be privy to. These professionals are incredibly important not just preventing our homes from damage, but in keeping us – and our homes – as safe as is possible.

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