Re-Roofing a House with Vinyl Siding

Roof construction leaves your property susceptible to the elements. If your home’s siding is damaged, your walls will be exposed until it’s repaired. There is no need to worry about two different situations in which your house is exposed when you replace both components of your home at the same time. The damaged roof top should be replaced with vinyl siding installations solution to avoid further damage.
Vinyl siding is a common choice for home exteriors, so it’s important to know a few things about it.

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Re-roofing a home with vinyl siding is different, as you’ll see in the video. New step flashing should be considered while calculating an estimate.
When the owners decided to re-roof their home, they probably didn’t take this into consideration. When re-roofing a house, vinyl siding must be removed and reinstalled. The home may no longer be in compliance with building codes if new step flashing is not installed.
Roofing contractors often notify homeowners of the condition of their vinyl siding installations. That may be a job that has to be performed quickly, which is unfortunate for the homeowner. No matter how bad the news may be, it’s imperative that you tell the homeowner about any possible issues you foresee. This will assist to keep any unpleasant shocks to an absolute minimum.

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