Obstacles to Avoid when Finishing a Basement

UPDATED 10/28/20

If you are a homeowner, chances are you are considering renovating some part of your house within the next couple of years. Recent surveys say that over 60% of homeowners are planning on renovating something in their homes soon. A garage addition, deck cover, room addition, and basement renovation are all popular options right now.

If you want to renovate but aren’t sure where to start, a basement remodel could be the most solid option. Look at some finished basement photos and consider the importance of having a finished basement. A finished basement rounds out and completes a homes feel and adds a significant amount of living and storage space.

The average basement remodel has a 70% return on investment. That means if you spend $10,000 on a basement remodel, it will increase your home value (on average) by $17,000. That is a fantastic return! So as you scour through finished basement photos trying to get inspiration for your basement remodel, here are some general tips and trends for basements in 2019.


Finished Basement Photos in 2019: Tips and Trends

In the past, basements were largely underutilized places in a home. Often just a place to put boxes and extra storage, the basement was nothing more than a place to let things sit and be forgotten. That is no longer the case. 2019 home trends (and the last 10 years or so) so an increasing trend towards basements being used as an extension of the home. Here are some of the top trends for 2019.

Open and Spacious:

Rather than segregate a basement into several different rooms, the open concept is in right now. Having an open basement maximizes free space and square footage and promotes an open community feel. A great example would be combining an entertainment area and kitchen/serving area into one large space that is easy to pass back and forth between. This can work especially well for smaller basements where space is already limited because there won’t be the worry of taking away square footage for walls. Get creative with the design of your open space and turn it into your own entertainment lounge or personal sanctuary.

Incredible Guest Suites: One of the biggest advantages of having a finished basement is that it creates extra space for hosting guests. Whether its a holiday, summer vacation, or just a visit from friends or family, having extra space in the home to host is a huge boon. One of the biggest advantages of hosting guest space in a basement is that it gives both the host and the guest an added measure of privacy. Include bedrooms, a bathroom, and perhaps a kitchenette. Look at finished basement photos to get some inspiration for this concept.

Home Gyms and Spas: This is one of the biggest trends for 2019. Having a home gym or spa is a great way to stay healthy and fit, and to add value to your home. The basement is an ideal space for a home gym for two main reasons: it is naturally cooler and it keeps the rest of the house quiet while someone is exercising. The size of the basement will determine what type of home gym set up can be created. However, even in small basements, a home gym is a possibility. Mini-spas are also a nice addition and can include anything from a steam shower and sauna to a massage area.

Walkout Basements: Having a walkout basement is a great way to add some extra flair and style to your home. This is great for homes built on a sloping lot or hillside because the basement will only be partially submerged. However, even if you aren’t on a sloping lot, with the help of an experienced contractor this type of basement can be added to almost any home. Perhaps the biggest advantage of having a walkout basement is that it allows significantly more natural light into the area, turning a dark basement into a bright and vibrant living space.

Regardless what type of renovations you are looking to do on your basement, getting an experienced contractor in to help is important. This will help add value to your renovations and ensure a professional touch for each element.

The people who are working on basement remodel projects won’t necessarily think of basement home design. Most people want their basements to be safe and comfortable, but basements are still sometimes viewed as spaces that have a practical purpose and nothing else. However, there are lots of basement ideas finished, and people who have finished basements can certainly explore some of the interior design possibilities connected to basements.

Different basement interior ideas have a lot of benefits for residents. The people who spend a lot of time working in their basements on chores and different projects might feel happier there if the basements are nicely decorated. A room does not have to be luxurious in order for this effect to be in place. People sometimes feel more relaxed the moment that they step into a room that is clean and presentable. Some simple basement space ideas can make almost any basement look much more welcoming immediately, and people might not have to modify their basements after that point.

Even some adults get nervous about spending a lot of time in basements, or visiting unfamiliar basements. This is a household space that is not always regarded as welcoming. With the right interior design, people can change that.


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