How To Do A Professional Lawn Care Service Start To Finish

In this video, you will learn how to do lawn care like a professional landscaping service, what steps to take during the process, how to mow the lawn, how to and when to do edge cutting of lawn, how and when to trim the grass, and what are the best practices and procedures to clean the lawn.

There are four steps and you should do all of them in a particular sequence to do landscaping service efficiently.

The first step is to do hard edges. In this step, you have to cut the edges of the lawn so the grass cut at this stage can automatically be taken care of in the next steps.

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The second step is to trim the long grass so it can be chopped in the next step of mowing the lawn.

The third step to do a perfect landscaping service on a lawn is mowing. At this stage, decide the target length of the remaining grass. Remember, if you cut the grass too deep the direct impact of the sun will result in more weed on the lawn instead of grass. The fourth step is to clean the edges and area outside the edges by blowing the cut grass into the lawn. .

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