How to Dispose Construction Waste

Are you looking for the proper way for your disposal of construction waste? This video will explain why properly disposing and recycling your construction waste is important.

Renting a roll-off dumpster is the best way to dispose of construction waste — it’s easy, reliable and keeps debris contained until it’s ready for collection. Many companies offer temporary roll-offs in a range of sizes to suit different types and amounts of waste.

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It is possible to recycle many elements of construction waste. Often roll-off containers are used to transport the waste. Rubble can be crushed and reused in construction projects. Waste wood can also be recovered and recycled. Concrete and masonry waste can be recycled by sorting, crushing and sieving into recycled aggregate. This recycled aggregate can be used to make concrete for road construction and building material. Recycling construction and demolition waste is profitable and environmental way to produce aggregates and reuse valuable materials that would otherwise be disposed. Processing the waste near the worksites also reduces the need for truck transportation resulting in lower logistics costs.

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