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Does Your Family Drink Water Supplied by the City?

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If you start with the driver and continue counter clockwise around the truck cab, the passengers are arranged by age. The 84-year old grandfather drives as his 53-year old daughter sits in the passenger side of the pick up. Seated directly behind her mother is the 18-year old granddaughter. Next to her and directly behind the grandfather sits the younger 15-year old granddaughter.
This traveling arrangement is great. Sometimes the 53-year old daughter drives, but when that happens her father may not narrate the ride. As a passenger he sometimes sleeps, sometimes reads a paper. When he drives, however, there is a constant travel narration of the roads and landmarks that they pass.
After years of installing shallow well construction services in the midwest, the grandfather has a fantastic memory. He can tell a story about nearly every family or every homestead where he provided water well services. On the locations where he did not install the shallow well construction projects himself, he likely knows who did. And, not surprisingly, he likely knows of at least one problem those land owners had because they went with the wrong well drilling contractors.
The granddaughters sometimes listen and sometimes sleep. When she is the passenger however, the 53-year old daughter marvels at how her father can recall all of these well installations and stories of what worked and what had to be done a second time.
As they pull into the destination, a field where the grandfather just wants to check how the electric fence is working, both girls wake from their slumber and bolt from the backseat bench. They know what is next and it is something that they simply do not get in the city back home. Clear, feels like it is freezing cold water. Straight from the pipe. Straight from the well that the grandfather helped install some 50 years ago.
Shallow Well Construction Projects Keep Farms and Homes Supplied with Fresh Water
In a time when most people in the nation live in fear of the latest water reports and bad news that they will deliver about the quality of the drinking water, families with private wells often consider themselves lucky. Tested on a weekly or monthly basis, the water these families use for work, cleaning, and drinking is trusted. The well users are responsible for checking the levels and safety standards for their own drinking water.
Privately owned household wells make up the largest share of all of the water wells in America. In fact, more than 13.249 million households that are occupied all year have their own well. And to many people who have grown up drinking well water, this is the best source of water available.
Private well owners who read the headlines and watch the news stories about places like Flint, Michigan, providing unsafe and dangerous drinking water to thousands for several years is frightening. These property owners are alarmed by the possibility of letting someone else be responsible for the safety of the water that they use and drink on a daily basis. Instead, they have their own testing measures and have a resource to call if a second shallow well construction site needs to be located. Instead of trusting unknown government officials with the quality of their water, they trust themselves and the well digging experts that have been finding clean drinking water for years.
Water Drilling Services Provide Individual Property Owners with Private Water Sources
More than 40 years ago, the 1974 Safe Drinking Water Act began requiring the environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to set standards for drinking water quality for the 150,000 public water entities across the country. These safety standards have to be met for a city’s water to be labeled safe. As in the case of Flint, Michigan, and other locations, however, the EPA standards are sometimes ignored and hidden. Not so for home owners who check their own water sources. If there is a problem, the home owners are the first to know. And the well digging experts are often the first to be called to begin fixing the problem.
Currently, Americans use 79.6 billion gallons of groundwater a day. This is equivalent of nearly 3,000 12 ounce cans for every person in the country. How safe is the water you drink?

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