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Lawn Care Does Not Have to Involve Dangerous Chemicals

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The Doggie Doctors apparently established a rotation for when they are each “Mom Duty.” After a four hour ankle surgery, the Mom in the house was assigned to quiet rest on the the couch for most of the first three days of recovery. With “toes above nose” as her mantra, she was quickly bored of the routine. The television shows were getting monotonous and the fact that the human children and husband were away at work and other commitments meant that she was at times very bored.
Luckily, Holly, the youngest of the four furry puppy friends in the house, took her turn early in the morning; Chance, the quietest of the pups keeps an eye on the patient during the day; and Duke, the oldest, is on charge of the snuggling time after dinner. Luke, who has been with the family the longest, comes down and oversees things from his comfy bed by the fireplace several times during the day.
The patient feels pretty protected!
Pets That Are Part of the Family Need to be Treated with Care by Lawn Service Providers
When a family has pets, those pets are often treated like one of the children. And while what goes on inside the house is very important, so too is the activity that goes on outside of the house. Pet friendly lawn care services help home owners get the best lawn care while at the same time providing dog friendly lawn care. A large brown patch on a yard that was caused by too much fertilizer is an indicator of the power of the chemicals that many home owners use. Homes with pets, however, fear that these harsh chemicals will be even more harmful to their dogs and cats. Discerning pet owners make sure that their pet friendly lawn care providers understand the importance of the four legged friends who spend nearly as much time out side as the humans.
Dog friendly lawn care, in many cases, is also eco friendly lawn care. Using chemicals that treat weeds and supplement grass growth does not have to be dangerous to pets. In fact, a move toward green lawn care treatments is also a move toward a service that is more safe to young children and any family members who spend a lot of time outside.
Family friendly lawncare, in fact, is an increasingly popular trend for many families. Additionally, many neighborhood associations are requiring that the landscaping and maintenance work on common ground spaces makes use of organic lawn care products.
Attractive Outdoor Spaces Can be Achieved with Safe Lawn Care Products
Families who want to spend more time outside are often the same families who are most concerned about the use of environmental and pet friendly lawn care products. Studies indicate that as many as 50% of homeowners who are upgrading their outdoor spaces spend six or more hours outside per week. While outside, these home owners indicate that the way they spend most of their time is relaxing, gardening, and entertaining.
With the growing popularity of outdoor activities, it should come as no surprise that as many as 83% of Americans think having a yard is important. Nearly 90% of home owners with a yard think that it is important that it is also well-maintained. Fortunately for home owners, an investment in lawn care also serves as an investment in property values. In fact, most real estate statistics indicate that as many as 97% of real estate agents recommend landscaping as a top five home improvement recommendation. Some of the research indicates that many home owners can expect a 215% return on landscaping investments.
Home owners with pets are especially particular about the chemicals used on their lawns. This consideration, however, benefits not only a family’s pets, but also any children in the family and the environment. Making sure that any lawn care personnel understand that you want pet friendly lawn care products used at your home is the first step toward growing a great lawn with the safest of chemicals.
If you are part of the 75% of home owners who feel that spending quality time outside is important, you especially want to make sure that the chemicals used are as safe as possible.

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