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The Harmful Impact of Mold on Your Home’s Exteriors

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A home is nothing more than the sum of its parts, yet many homeowners seem to neglect the regular maintenance that ought to be performed on their home’s exterior surfaces. Not only does a clean home exterior help increase a home’s curb appeal when it comes time to sell a house, it can actually help improve the quality of the air around your home.

Air Quality Around Your Home

The Mayo Clinic reports that 93% of Chronic Sinus Infections are actually attributed to mold which accumulates gradually around the home. Mold has the ability to quickly spread; according to CNN Money over 30% of brand new homes built already have some form of mold in them — if left unchecked, this mold can negatively impact personal health. The Environmental Protection Agency states that 100% of all types of mold has the potential to cause some kind of health effects; this may range from minor sniffles to more severe chronic illnesses and even death in some rare cases. For these reasons, homeowners ought to turn their attention to their home’s exteriors in an effort to preemptively eradicate harmful molds before the danger strikes.

Gutter Control

Gutters help to curve the flow of water away from home foundations, it is no surprise to learn that clogged gutters then are the number one cause of water problems for basements, particularly leaks and cracks in the foundation. Many homeowners are investing in professional gutter cleaning services to regularly ensure that their gutters are free from clogs and by extension harmful molds. In addition, some downspouts may not be far enough away from the home’s foundation to correctly direct water away; many homeowners choose to invest in downspout extensions to correct this issue. When installing a
downspout extension, ensure that they are directed at least 1.8 meters away from the foundation walls of your home and that the water does not flow towards a neighbor’s home — ideally the water ought to flow towards the road, backyard, or back lane.

Cleaner Driveways

If you think about it, our driveways have become accustomed to regular abuse as we drive over them, run across them, and the elements do their fair share of punishment. As the path towards a home, driveways too have the potential to harbor moisture and organic matter, which in turn can result in molds. Homeowners out to consider having their driveways cleaned once every year using a pressure washer to blast out mold while sterilizing the driveway. A professional driveway cleaning company uses environmentally friendly mold cleaners to help eliminate present mold while simultaneously discouraging the future spread of mold. Not only can a professional driveway cleaning company help eliminate outside sources of mold, they can also remove grease, oil, and other harmful contaminates that regularly spill out on driveways. It is typical for a driveway cleaning company to also apply a penetrating sealer to help stop the absorption of contaminates and help prevent damage to the surface of the concrete from road salt, rain, and ice among others. For a cleaner, healthier home exterior, consider contacting expert home exterior cleaning companies in your area to breathe easier and live healthier.

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