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5 Ways to Keep Your Home Free of Critters

Termite control for homeowners

General household pest control services are a much need service if you want to make sure that your home is protected against critters, insects and even rodents. These animals are not only attracted to your home because it’s dirty. You could have the cleanest home and they are still attracted to the warmth and dryness or even just the light of your house. That’s why you find that bugs come in a lot more in the night time. They see the light and it draws them in. If you see signs of rodents in your house then you should definitely call rodent control as soon as possible but if you are just trying to stay on top of general household pest control then have your house sprayed for pests every few months. Most general household pest control services will have an all inclusive plan for termite control options, rodent control as well as pest and bug elimination. It just depends on what you are looking for. Here are a few ways that you can deter the bugs and pest in between your general household pest control service times.

Use herbs and fruits
Flies hate basil, spiders hate citrus, ants hate vinegar and the list goes on. Every insect and critter has a type of herb or smell or taste that they detest, you just have to find what it is and set it where you have seen them coming in and out of your house and that will stop them but coming in. It’s a safe and natural way to keep them out. It may take longer than the chemicals we are used to using but it’s more better for the environment, your breathing area and your home’s foundation to use natural remedies.

Don’t leave food out
Pests have great senses of smell and food left out in your kitchen or bedroom will attract them from outside your house. Make sure that even crumbs and stickiness from spilled juice or sugary items are cleaned up before going to bed. If an insect cannot smell them they won’t come in to get them. Make sure all snacks and cereal bags are sealed as well as putting away leftovers and washing dishes as soon as you can. Trash cans should also have a tight lid so that nothing can get inside. It might be a good rule of thumb to actually take out the trash every night before you go to bed, just as an extra precaution. Pet food should not be left out overnight either as some critters enjoy the flavor.

Don’t give them water
Cockroaches in particular need water to survive so you’ll probably find them mostly in kitchens and bathrooms. Make sure that any dripping faucet’s or leaking appliances are fixed. Counter tops should be wiped and dried and make sure to mop up puddles after you get out of the shower and leave the exhaust fan on to soak up the moisture. Leaving a cup of water by your bedside may be nice for you for when you get thirsty in the middle of the night but it could potentially be nice for insects is well. If you do need to leave water at your bedside then make sure it is sealed. A water bottle with a screw top is your best bet.

Seal off the entrances
Pests that are looking for shelter are always looking for ways to get into homes. The smallest holes in windows and doors can be great entryways for pests. Even cracks in baseboards or areas that should be re-caulked can serve as an entry point. Make sure that you seal off any possible holes or cracks around the house and that your window screens and window seals are intact. This way even if there is something attracting them into your home they won’t be able to find a place to get it. Having said that, if there are no openings to the outside then they probably will not be able to pick up the scent from the inside anyway.

Keep your home clutter free
Critters love hiding and nesting among clutter. Avoid this by throwing away any unneeded or unwanted items and making sure that you regularly sweep and vacuum your floors.

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