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Professional Painters Spend a Good Deal of Time Preparing Surfaces

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The plans are finally in place. The work crew is scheduled to arrive the last day in May. The first part of the job involves tearing the siding off the the two story, walk out basement house. After the old siding is removed the house will be wrapped in all weather house wrap. The air and water barrier will help prevent the current problem, soft, spongey siding that is fostering the growth of mold that is threatening to make its way into the interior walls of the house.
After the siding has been removed and the wrap has been installed, a new cement board siding will then be installed. At this point, the exterior painters will begin their work. With no interruptions for weather, the whole process should be completed in less than two weeks. It is a lengthy process, but the home owners have decided that it is time to get these repairs done correctly. Two years ago, the hired painters simply painted over the problems. The hidden dampness in the siding led to a much bigger problem that was easy to see once the paint started peeling off.
Experienced Commercial Painters Make Sure That Jobs Are Done Correctly the First Time
A new thick coat of paint can immediately make homes and businesses look better. If, however, the underlying problems are not taken care of, the paint will not last and within a few months or years the paint job no longer looks new or good. Taking the time to replace caulking around windows and spongey siding can be the difference between a paint job that lasts for several years or one that only looks good for a few weeks or months.
Experienced commercial painters know what to look for when they approach their contracting jobs. Expert painters know that exterior painting often involves substantial amounts of preparation to ensure a lasting paint job. This preparation can include everything from removing flaking paint to caulking and priming before the final coat to ensure a quality finish. Taking the time to fill gaps with a paintable acrylic-latex caulk cuts down on drafts and makes the trim on homes look better than new. While less detailed work may cost less time and money, those jobs rarely last. Paint, although it can be applied by anyone, works best when it is applied by experts.
Interior Painting Jobs Require Even Closer Attention to Detail
While exterior paint jobs have to include attention to avoiding the harsh elements of weather, interior painting projects can be just as challenging. Specific details like fine sanding can level out spackle or joint-compound patches. This sanding also flattens ridges around nail holes and creates a smoother painting surface. Replacing rotting or broken trim pieces takes more time, but the results last longer. Any one can brush on extra coats of paint to cover up problems, but the professional painter will take time to prep the area and repair and replace problems before ever picking up a paint brush.
Many home owners think that painting is a task that they can tackle themselves. Unfortunately, many interior painting jobs often turn into projects that require more skill and equipment than the average home owner has. Peaked roof lines, vaulted ceilings, and narrow stairwells make it nearly impossible for the average home owner to tackle every surface that is included in a whole house painting project. Experienced commercial painters, however, have both the knowledge and the tools to tackle any job. While a home owner may simply be thinking about taping off windows and unpainted wood trim, professional painters look at a job with a more detailed eye.
Are You Willing to Protect Your Investment?
Paint is a quick fix for many problems in a house. Home owners who are trying to make a quick change turn to a can of paint. Home owners who are trying to quickly sell their home or rent an apartment likewise turn to a can of paint for the changes that they need. The wise home owner, however, understands painting projects need to be more than a quick fix. Hiring experienced commercial painters for projects is an important investment in any home. An investment that lasts.

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