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What Feelings These 4 Nursery Paint Colors Invoke

While the classic pink and blue colors work well for a nursery, you might find yourself considering other color options. One understandable concern almost every parent has is picking out paint for a nursery. With that in mind, here are four nursery paint color choices and what traits these colors symbolize.

  1. Green

    Many homeowners opt for their homes to have an earthy feel. With that in mind, you’ll find that green nursery paint is an incredibly popular color choice for new parents. In addition, numerous studies have found that the color green promotes feelings of thinking and calmness. Whether opting for a light or dark green, this color also invokes feelings of peacefulness and being in nature. For this reason, many parents feel that painting a nursery green is a wise decision.
  2. Orange

    If you’re wanting a brighter color in your nursery, consider orange. Many parents find that orange is a warm color that feels inviting. This color is extremely versatile but you’ll probably want to stick to darker shades of orange while painting a nursery. While orange is great for a nursery, this might be a color more suitable for boy’s rooms.
  3. Gray

    It’s completely understandable to want to keep things relatively simple within a nursery. After all, this is a room where parents are often rocking a new baby to sleep. Considering that, gray has become a popular choice for many nurseries. Gray is a color known to invoke feelings of deep thought. That being said, this color can feel drab when it is the only used throughout a nursery. Therefore, you might find that accenting baby furniture with brighter colors helps to solve this problem.
  4. Yellow

    The color yellow invokes feelings of warmth. However, yellow is best used as an accent color within a nursery. For instance, pairing yellow accents within a darker colored room is popular in many nurseries. In addition, yellow nursery paint should be more of a pastel yellow. Having an overly bright room isn’t going to be comforting to a young child.

Avoid Paints Containing Large Amounts of VOC’s

No matter which color you choose, you’ll want to find a low VOC paint. A recent study placed subjects in rooms where VOC or volatile organic compounds were lower than in their regular environments. Amazingly, cognitive scores for those in the room with a low VOC count were 101% higher than the other test group. In addition, another study found that VOC levels over 500 ppb cause problems for those sensitive to chemicals. If you want to help ensure your baby isn’t exposed to these compounds, it’s best to stick with safe paint for the nursery.

In closing, there are many color choices to consider while choosing the perfect one for your nursery. If you need additional help finding the right nursery paint, consider contacting a professional paint provider. You’ll find that these professionals can help you find the right kind of nursery paint for welcoming home your new addition.

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