3 Antique Trends You Need to Try in Your Space

If you’ve been on the internet at all in recent months, you may have seen videos or blog posts regarding trends for 2018. These trends typically include food, fashion, makeup, and other beauty-related items. There are even some home decor lists out there, but they mainly focus on modern items. So, what about antiques? Even though they are older pieces, can they still trend?

Yes. Yes they can. And this year, so many cool antique pieces are trending. If you don’t get your hands on them now, someone else will! Here are a few antique trends for this year that you need in your home.

Folk and Primitive Art Pieces

One major antique trend for this year are pieces of folk, outsider, and primitive art. Because these pieces are becoming so popular they are expected to raise in price. They’re perfect for the garden in your front yard, your backyard patio, or for your front steps. They can even be brought inside, too! You can scatter the pieces throughout your home and use them as a talking piece when people come over for parties and other gatherings.

Asian Art

Another really popular trend for 2018 is Asian art. Asian art can be found on anything from brass Planters, umbrella stands, room dividers, sculptures, and even textiles. Asian art used to be grouped with centuries-old traditional ceramics but has recently gained a spot among other contemporary art pieces. A brass planter with Asian artwork on it is the perfect accent piece for your home.


Antique textiles are all the rage right now. They can be used to make a modern room look a lot more interesting or in a room that needs some mixed patterns. Antique textiles are becoming more and more expensive, but they’re worth it if you have an eclectic style. Nothing is easier than laying down a rug, so think of how easy it will be to completely transform a room with a piece of antique fabric.

Regardless of their age, antiques are extremely popular in 2018. If you’re a part of the 47% of Americans who have not updated their home decor in the last five years, it’s time to do so with these antique trends.

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