Want Your Hotel Room To Stand Out? 3 Furniture Must-Haves

No hotel owner wants to look at reviews from guests’ stays and see that they thought the accommodations were “plain” or “boring.” Unfortunately, however, it can be fairly easy to fall into that category if you’re not careful. One of the easiest ways to keep your rooms up to date and meeting your guests’ ever-higher standards? Furniture. Here are three hotel furniture must-haves for your rooms if you want to keep them relevant and up to today’s standards.

  • Sleeper Sofas: Why include a commercial sofa bed in your hotel room? Simple. The more sleeping space you have in your rooms, the more likely it is you’ll be able to accommodate larger groups of guests with less hassle. Commercial sofa beds allow you to have more guests in the same sleeping space without having to manage additional beds or temporary solutions like cots. Most commercial sofa beds fold out to queen sleeper sofas, allowing you to fit an extra two people comfortably in your room.


  • Patio Furniture: If you happen to have a hotel room that has outdoor space, commercial patio furniture sets are a must. Having commercial outdoor furniture can take a boring, unusable space in a room and turn it into an extra feature that people will go out of their way to have. A recent study has suggested that demand for outdoor furniture will rise 3.7% annually into 2019. Make sure you stay on top of this demand, and your guests will certainly notice.


  • Motion Furniture: From recliners, to gliders, to swivel rockers, to loveseats and more, guests love furniture that they can easily rotate or move to suit their needs. Keeping your accommodations flexible with this category of furniture, and your guests will certainly notice the attention to detail. An additional benefit is frequently less work to do after guests leave; guests aren’t as likely to move furniture around if it already can adjust to suit their needs.


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