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Maintenance for Air Conditioning Units

Heating and air conditioning, when functioning correctly, regulates the temperature and even the humidity inside a commercial building or a private home, and this is often known as “climate control.” When a system is working perfectly, the air conditioning will cool or heat up a building to a pre-set temperature and shut off to save energy, and proper insulation in the walls, and an absence of drafty windows, will ensure that the desired temperature is stable. But like with any other machine, HVAC systems may slow down, lose efficiency (and thus cost more to run), and may even fail entirely. There are some telltale signs when this happens, and not just from the electric bill. Common AC problems can happen to any system, new or old, and when these common AC problems arise, they can be quick to diagnose, and air conditioning repair becomes the next step. In the case of a very old or totally busted system, an air conditioning company may replace and overhaul the entire system with a newer one. What common AC problems can the owners of a commercial building or a private home expect? HVAC services are always ready to help.

AC Problems and Energy Waste

When an air conditioning system wears out or suffers maintenance issues, the not only will the quality of climate control drop, but the system will waste a lot of electricity trying to compensate for its own inefficiency and damage. A lot of money is put in AC; the United States is the world’s biggest market for it, with that nation consuming more electricity for air conditioning than all others combined, and an average American family will spend around $2,000 on energy bills every year, with almost half of that going toward heating and air conditioning. This becomes wasteful when common AC repair issues arise, and the system works more than it should to try and compensate. This problem can be made worse if the buildng’s wall insulation is faulty, or if windows are drafty and leak hot or cold air.

Common AC problems include simple dirtiness, among others. The blower fans, which are located deep inside the system and out of reach, may become coated with grime such as rat droppings, hair, dust, pollen, and more over time, cutting down their power. Similar grime can cover air vents and block air flow, and even worse, squirrel or rat nests can be found inside air ducts, blocking nearly all air flow. Ducts may tear and have holes in them, leaking air constantly. Or the outside unit, if there is one, may break down or get too clogged to continue functioning. Finally, simple age can wear out a system after years of work. A system 20 years old or more may need to be replaced even if it doesn’t have squirrel nests or short-circuited components. These old systems may longer meet modern standards of electric efficiency or power anyway.

Repair Work

Cleaning air grates of pet hair or dust can be done by any homeowner, but other part of the AC system may need professional care. A homeowner can look up and call local repair services and have workers visit the home, and these workers can get to deeper components that a homeowner cannot, and either clean, repair, or replace them. Blower fans, for example, can be cleaned of grime or replaced, and damaged components can be replaced or repaired, including outdoor units. Squirrel nests can be removed and tears in air ducts can be fixed. And if the entire system is very old or completely worn out, it can be replaced with a whole new one, which will meet current standards and will have programmable temperature and power regulations (which older systems might not). The new unit’s fresh condition and computerized self-regulation can save a lot of money in the long run, making it a good investment.

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