Wallpaper is Back in Home Design!

Wallpaper is back as a hot home trend and these days, it looks better than ever. Paint has been the thing to have in home design for years but wallpaper’s time has come again. Available in a huge array of colors and patterns, it adds a lot of life to any room. It’s also possible to put it up as a DIY project, something that many homeowners like. Think about changing up the look of your home with wallpaper and enhance all your rooms.


What Can You Do With It?


Wallpaper got a bit of a bad reputation heading into the 2000s and fell out of fashion as a design trend. But today, this home element is incredibly dynamic. Geometric patterns, metallic designs, and mural-like designs are popular in today’s home design. With wallpaper, you can create a stunning backdrop instantly. Whether you want to go bold and bright or muted and understated, it creates an instant change and adds tons of detail to the room.


There are lots of options available in wallpaper today. Embossed, 3D designs, custom murals — it’s all available. You can even get it in wood-like, stone-like, and tile-like patterns that actually look like the real thing. This is not the same paper that used to hang in your grandmother’s dining room. This is modern, fresh, and beautiful.


Because it’s available in such a huge variety of designs and colors, wallpaper can be added to any room. Use it in the kitchen, the living room, bedrooms, anywhere you like. You can paper all the walls of a room or use it to create one amazing accent wall. Get creative with it and find new ways to play around with it.


Finding Wallpaper


Try creating something unique using paper. Instead of doing an entire wall, try adding wallpaper only one-third of the way up the wall, for example. Find more ways to get creative with this new-again home trend. Wallpaper stores provide a huge variety of designs and colors t choose from, not to mention various design looks. Take a look around at an actual wallpaper store to get some decorating inspiration.


Think about how you can match wallpaper to your window treatments and/or window blinds. When you coordinate the wallpaper with existing design elements in your rooms, you create a more put-together look. You can always look at a small selection of wallpaper at paint stores, but dedicated wallpaper stores will offer much more in the way of design looks and selection. Some stores can even special-order certain wallpaper for you. Ask them if they have a catalog that shows additional wallpaper that can be ordered.


DIYing Your Wallpaper


Putting up your own wallpaper can be an interesting DIY project. Doing it yourself allows you to experiment with different looks and try different things. When you DIY your home improvement projects, you can feel especially proud of your home design. DIY isn’t just about saving money, though often you will save money by doing this. In fact, only 39% of DIYers take on home improvement projects to save money. There’s also a great sense of accomplishment and pride associated with doing it yourself, not to mention bragging rights!


New wallpaper is easier than ever to hang. If you’ve got a level, time, and a steady hand, you can wallpaper an entire room in less than a day. Lots of wallpaper comes in the peel-and-stick application so there’s no messy glue or smelly chemicals. It’s easy for any DIYer to hang.


Have some fun with wallpaper and play around a little with your home design. Wallpaper is back and it’s stylish again. Embrace the trend and see how you like this decorative element in your home!

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