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Total Kitchen Remodeling: How to Select Tiles for Your Kitchen Floors

UPDATED 11/18/20

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to kitchen remodeling. Windows, countertops, appliances, and even your flooring will all have options available for upgrades. If you’re interested in learning more about what options are available to you, you’ve come to the right place.

People interested in kitchen remodel design help are now switching from vinyl to aluminum windows in a lot of cases. Some top kitchen designers are now recommending windows made from aluminum, especially for the people who want windows that will really last.

Individuals who live in particularly warm or cool areas will definitely benefit from aluminum windows, which will not become bent or twisted as a result of extreme temperatures. In some ways, the windows made from aluminum are just part of a broader shift in what consumers want.

A lot of trending kitchen ideas today relate to practicality, and not just to aesthetics. Obviously, people care about both, and have always cared about both qualities to at least a certain extent. However, plenty of relatively impractical kitchen design trends have existed for a while, and these have become less popular over the years.

The people who are trying to change their whole kitchen design may decide to focus more on windows, kitchen counters, kitchen furniture, and appliances that will be stable and at least reasonably durable. As a result, they won’t have to spend as much money on kitchen repairs at a later point in time, and they’ll have a kitchen that is truly modern in every way.

When it comes to selecting tile floors for your kitchen, this requires detailed attention because the kitchen is one of the heavily used rooms in your home. The kitchen is prone to getting wet frequently as you go on with your cooking activities. Therefore, you need rough tile floors that will not be slippery and cause falls. You also need to consider the aesthetics of the whole kitchen, so that the floor blends uniformly. For these reasons, the majority of homeowners, 90% of them, prefer hardwood or tiles for their kitchen floors. Hardwood floors can be easily styled to fit your kitchen design and bring out a unique look in your kitchen. The kitchen is a common space that your kids and other members of the family frequent and you want it to be inviting and safe at the same time.

With the various trends in kitchen flooring that you can choose from, you may be overwhelmed on which design to select. Today, there are mind-blowing designs of hardwood flooring and ceramic tile flooring that could work magic for your kitchen floor. You may need an experienced designer to help you sieve through the options so that you come out with the design that fits your kitchen and most importantly your taste and liking.

Whether you opt for hardwood floors or tile floors, consider the following attributes before buying.

1. Make Sure the Tiles are Easy to Clean

Your kitchen should be the cleanest space in your home because that is where you make food for the whole family. However, due to the heavy traffic of people going in and out, and the many cooking activities in the kitchen, it is bound to get dirty more often than you would wish. While cooking, some ingredients or soup may spill on the floor and discolor the tiles. Since this might happen every time you cook, the last thing you want is to spend most of your time on the floor trying to wash off the stains sticking on the floor.

As a result, you should look for tiles that are easy to clean and also don’t crack easily. Quarry tile, limestone, and clay are some of the valuable options for your kitchen tile flooring. Ensure that the floor tiles you choose do not require special chemicals to clean. You do not want the after-smell of the cleaning solution in your kitchen. Additionally, you will probably wipe off your kitchen floor every time you cook, so you don’t want to be using cleaning solutions every time.

2. Make Sure You Select Durable Tiles

There are different types of tiles depending on the usage intended. There are bathroom tiles, wall tiles, and floor tiles. When purchasing tiles for your kitchen floor, make sure they are meant to be used for the floor. Remember that your kitchen floor will be under heavy traffic most of the time. Therefore, you need to install tiles that don’t crack easily. The texture of the tiles should be rough so they don’t get slippery. As some tile manufacturers do not indicate whether the tiles are meant for the floor or the walls, it is important to confirm from your hardware shop or from the dealer you are purchasing the tiles from.

3. Ensure That the Floor Tiles Match Your Kitchen Furniture

Cabinets in your kitchen take up the most space and significantly influence the general look of your kitchen. As such, the color and contrast of your cabinets should influence the type of floor tiles you select so that they blend in uniquely. If you do not carefully consider this when making your tile selection, your floor might color-crash with the furniture in your kitchen and the lighting too. This will cause an undesirable outlook when you switch on the lights as the colors may reflect light and make your kitchen too bright.

Tile floors are a great option for your kitchen floor when selected appropriately. The bigger number of homeowners prefer tile flooring because of the many benefits they bring to a kitchen. When purchasing the tiles, ensure they are the best fit for your kitchen design.

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