Three Ideas for DIY Home Decor

Home decor ideas

Are you interested in updating your home with DIY home decor? You are not alone. Many people are looking for home decor ideas for their home in order to give it a fresh and updated look. Here are several DIY home decor ideas for transforming your home in easy but noticeable ways.

First, statement pieces. Just as a beautiful necklace can make or break a more simply designed outfit, a statement piece for your room can bring definition to otherwise plain decor. The ways to approach this are nearly endless. Many people opt for attractive and interesting lighting sets. This can range from a chandelier constructed out of overlapping pieces of plastic that vaguely resemble an opening flower, to floor to almost ceiling height paper lamps that brighten up corners. Also popular is a bold decorative piece that is placed on a table or on the floor if it is tall enough. I have seen everything from a miniature t rex skeleton, to a large bonsai plant, to a wall completely covered with various sized and framed mirrors.

Second, new paint! It is an obvious step but sometimes one people overlook when it comes to Diy home decor. Popular right now is bold furniture colors for white or light tan painted rooms. A bright red dresser? A robin blue book case? When done right, the effect can be modern, stunning, and an affordable update to make.

Third, interesting shelving! You would be surprised at how much definition eye catching shelving can add to a room, and this is very DIY home decor friendly. Floating shelves are especially popular right now because of the sleek look, flexibility in placement, and ability to make multiple surfaces into shelves. Square and step shelves, especially in bedrooms, are a popular choice. they amplify wall space while allowing you to display your prized possessions, anything from beautiful jars, to books, to wedding photos.

Good luck with your DIY home decor, and remember that the goal is not to clutter your home, but to rejuvenate it! For every new piece you add, get rid of something outdated.

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