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Purifying Water with Pentek Water Filters

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Did you know that a shocking 40 percent of private water supplies and 15 percent of public water supplies are contaminated with bacteria? If you are afraid of consuming this type of bacteria, you may want to consider integrating Pentek water filters into your home water system.

Integrating water filters, like the Pentek water filters, American plumber water filter, or Omni water filters, can help you eliminate contaminates that can be found in your drinking water. The EPA estimates that there are over 80 different contaminates ranging from e coli to chlorine and lead that can be found in your drinking water. The simple installation of a water filtration system can help reduce or completely eliminate these contaminates.

There are a number of different water filtration systems that can be used and installed in your home. These water filtration systems can help purify the water you drink at home by removing contaminates from the water. Pentek water filters and other water filters from manufacturers can be used to help purify the water at the kitchen or bathroom sink, or even the refrigerator. There are typically called whole house or under the sink filters.

People looking to install a whole house water filter that will protect the entire water supply to the home may want to install a filter membrane filter. This type of water filtration system is designed to try a number of particles and contaminates that run through your water system. It is commonly used by whole house water filtration systems, because the water can be purified before it even enters the home; saving time, money and resources.

When looking for under the sink filters, there are a number of different types of Pentek water filters that can be purchased. Osmosis filters, UV water filters, and even absorption filters can all be used as single, under the sink filters. These Pentek water filters will only clean and purify the water that comes to that particular sink or area.

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