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The Connection Between Radon and Lung Cancer

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As time goes on, rocks will start to decay. This decay doesn’t always mean that the processes creating radon are visible to the untrained eye. However, the decay from these rocks all around you can cause a deadly gas to form from the decay process, known as radon. Radon normally starts forming on the surface of the ground, where rocks normally appear.

Considering that radon occurs close to rocks, this deadly gas can also seep into a water supply. Radon isn’t as deadly when created outside since there is much room for the gas to spread. However, in confined areas like an office or at home, radon leaks can prove to be especially dangerous.

How Does Radon Invade a Home?

Radon can invade your home through the water or air supply. Where radon can enter your home is dependent upon many factors. Distance to a tainted water supply, ventilation in your home, and having detection methods are all important factors in determining your risk for radon exposure.

Unfortunately, since radon is an odor-free and colorless material, it is nearly impossible to detect without a testing device. Radon testing and inspection are essential to ensuring you are in a safe and radon-free home.

What Can Happen From Radon Exposure?

The most destructive ailment you can develop from long-term radon exposure would be lung cancer. A recent report shows that the Surgeon General states that radon is the second highest cause of lung cancer, only behind cigarette smoking.

When you smoke, you are pulling smoke into your lungs. Radon exposure is placing radon gas directly into your lungs. Ensuring that your home is free of radon isn’t just playing it safe, it could potentially improve your health. Scientists have estimated that deaths resulting from lung cancer could be reduced by 5,000 people if homes with high radon levels were lowered. Radon mitigation services can quickly and efficiently remove this deadly gas from your home or place of work.

What Smokers Should Know

If you do regularly smoke cigarettes, being around radon raises your risk for developing lung cancer further. Recent research shows that homes with radon levels of 4 pCi/l are akin to living with 35 times the amount of radiation that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission would allow for homes near radioactivity to be in.

Being in a home that needs serious radon gas testing and being a smoker can be a dangerous combination. Smokers are more susceptible to lung cancer if you are a smoker you should strongly consider calling one of the radon mitigation services in your area.

In closing, the connection between lung cancer and radon exposure certainly is a strong one. Radon is a tough substance to detect since it is color and odor-free. The gas that forms from radon can seep into your home through the air or water supply. The main ailment that can be had with increased radon exposure is lung cancer, especially among those who smoke cigarettes. Radon mitigation services can inspect your home and install the proper radon blocking equipment. Exposure to radon can be quite serious but it doesn’t have to be permanent. More information like this.

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