Summit County Habitat for Humanity Builds Through Pandemic

Getting houses built through Habitat for Humanity is a challenge even in the best of times, but now that times are tough, it is getting even harder to get these homes built. For the local chapter of Habitat for Humanity, it’s been a challenge to get a number of new houses built for families that will be located near the local middle school. With the pandemic making things harder, the non-profit is still plugging ahead, trying to get these homes completed.

One of the most important parts of building these homes is getting a roofing contractor to take care of some of the most important parts of the roof. Sometimes, there is even remodeling needed on the roof to fix problems or to make the roof better handle the local climate. The families getting homes built through the non-profit have been helping each other during this time to get more done on their houses and to provide the emotional support that so many need to have during this time. The community has been coming together to get these projects done, but there could be even more setbacks in store for the area if new lockdowns come to pass as many believe they will.

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