Stuck on Halloween Still? Heres 15 Tips for Great Halloween Home Decor

The changing of the seasons brings with it joy, excitement, and for many home-decor enthusiasts, a chance to go all-out for the changing of the holidays. Everything from Christmas to Thanksgiving, even Valentine’s day can be expressed through your home decor. But, there’s one holiday that stands out amongst the rest for having the most options for creative, daring, and bold decor. Halloween is one of the best holidays to use to be able to express and get to work on all those projects you want to install in your home — and you can keep it there up until Thanksgiving if you please. Halloween party home decor can be mild and festive, bold and daring, or downright scary and sometimes even controversial.

Why Decorate?

Some people might wonder why it’s even worth it to invest in Halloween party home decor, or what the benefits are of having to do home decor for the holidays. If you have family with small children, using them to make Halloween decorations is a great way to have family bonding time. In addition, it’s always nice to get into the spirit of holidays, and children love to celebrate Halloween in any way they can. Also, if you’re new to the neighborhood, having Halloween party home decor can attract the attention of local families in a fun and exciting way. It can make your home seem more inviting, and possibly break the ice between you and your fellow neighbors. Halloween party home decor can be easy to invest in, if you know where to look, and can be a great project for you and your family this fall season.

What to Avoid

Though Halloween party home decor can be a fun way to break the ice and attract the attention of neighbors, keep in mind that some decorations might not be suitable for children. Some decorations might be too scary or offensive to the neighborhood, so be mindful of this when decorating. In addition, ensure that any home decorations or modifications you do to your home for the holiday season are approved by the housing authority, or HOA, in your neighborhood. You don’t want to get stuck with a fine or warning due to your decorations! Luckily, all these problems are easy to avoid, and you can easily find ways to have fun with your decor project! Stay safe, and look at these 15 tips for inspiration for your Halloween party home decor.

1. Paper Figures

There’s no better way to save money and make unique, beautiful decorations than by using simple black card paper! Simple black figurines like bats, cats, witches, spider-webs, and ghosts look great when cut out of black card-stock paper. Get the kids to sit down and enjoy cutting out their favorite spooky Halloween characters. You can then take these Halloween party home decor figures and place them on the outside of your door, around the walls of your home, and even in the walls of your kids’ rooms! Better yet, use a huge piece of black paper that fits the entirety of your garage door, and make a massive-size figure like a smiling jack-o-lantern face! If you undertake this project, make sure your garage door is in proper working order by getting a garage door spring repair, and perhaps sprucing up the paint a little bit too!

2. Spooky Spider Web

If you go to the dollar store, you’ll find a plethora of Halloween party home decor items for a great price! One of these items is spooky spider-web inspired stretchy cotton that can be placed on your bushes, the outside of your home, and even inside your home to mimic the feel of an old haunted house. Keep in mind not to go crazy with the spider-web, since you’re going to have to remove it in the end after all! This, however, is easier said than done, once you realize how realistic spider-web cotton is! You can even be more creative by adding creepy toy critters to your spider-web design.

3. Re-Vamped Pumpkins

Pumpkins are the quintessential part of any Halloween party home decor project, and no Halloween gathering is complete without them. However, seeing the same old jack-o-lantern face can get boring throughout the season. Why not spruce up your pumpkins and make a fun project out of carving them? Let yourself and your kids’ creative juices flow by carving or even painting anything you want on your pumpkin. Magical scenes, favorite movie characters, and even portraits for those skilled artists are all beautiful ways to decorate your pumpkins. To be extra safe, use safe cutting tools around children, and use tea-lights instead of candles to get a soft glow without the risk of fire.

4. Halloween Food

Halloween is only here once a year, why not enjoy it with some delicious Halloween inspired food while it’s still here? Halloween-inspired dishes that everyone can enjoy include pumpkin soup or pie, decorated cupcakes, and cookies, and even a comforting chicken-pot pie. Home decor isn’t complete without these warm dishes, and preparing these for Halloween party guests is sure to catch some attention. Separate yourself from the crowd by cooking creative dishes instead of sticking to the regular Halloween candy. If you have children, make sure to take them to the dentist after they indulge in the season’s candy, and your treats too!

5. Window Decorations

Window decorations are super cute, cheap, and simple to add when choosing Halloween party home decor. Some decorations can include sticky ghosts and spiders on your glass windows, and even some bigger images like cats or witches watching those passing by! However, you can also have beautiful Halloween-inspired window curtains to cover your window blinds. Orange or a deep auburn color are gorgeous options, and can make the inside of your home feel warm and festive for the fall. You can even add on spooky curtains with images, or a thin black lace to make it stand out even more.

6. Black and White Color Scheme

If you want your Halloween party home decor to have a more adult and modern feel to it, why not go with a black and white color? Black and white is ultra-modern, yet mixed in with little decorations of Halloween can give your home a sophisticated look that is still festive. This is also a great excuse to buy wonderful black and white throws, pillows, and bedding! Remember to add on hints of orange for a truly Halloween-like experience. Around 64 million Americans live in multi-generational homes, so keep in mind that children still might want to have a little bit more decorations up for Halloween. Trendy pillows with cute Halloween sayings are a great way to satisfy you, grandma, and your children!

7. Hints of Fall

The Halloween season is one that is intertwined with the midst of Fall, so it’s important to keep this in mind when choosing Halloween party home decor items. The Fall color scheme can range from brown to red, yellow, and related shades. You can also combine Halloween decor with traditional fall decor, such as a Halloween-inspired autumn leave door reef. Or, you can opt for some outdoor decorations that take on a farmhouse feel and incorporate beautiful pumpkins and even outdoor vegetables if you have a garden. The possibilities are endless!

8. Autumn Season Flowers

There’s no better way to brighten up your home for the Halloween and Fall season than by adding flowers that are in seasons. Some of these include celosia, aster, croton, and best of all Chrysanthemum flowers. Chrysanthemum flowers come in beautiful shades of Fall, from red to orange, yellow, peach, and white, and are an easy way to let guests know that the Halloween and Thanksgiving season has arrived. Make sure that all flowers and plants you use for Halloween party home decor are safe for your pets to interact with, and don’t cause any unwanted allergies! Or, you can easily place potted flowers near your door for an inviting doorway. A landscape designer that is designing your home can even make sure to dedicate an area in your new home to show off plants and decorations outside year-round!

9. LED String Lights

String lights are trendy right now, and many people are buying them for good reason. LED string lights have a soft, warm glow, are relatively inexpensive, and can provide lighting wherever needed. From your bedroom to your hallway, living room, and even your patio, LED string lights are a great lighting choice. They’re even better if they come shaped as jack-o-lanterns, skulls, or other spooky Halloween characters. If you plan on hanging LED string lights off the gutters of your home, make sure to not block too many holes on your gutter guards if you have them, as this will prevent the gutter guards from doing their job of sifting out debris!

10. Halloween Candles

Halloween candles can be fun, festive, and even functional. Though you can use tealights to be safe if you have children, you can also use small candles inside your carved jack-o-lanterns to give off a warm glow and make your home smell amazing. Candles are great because they are able to provide heat and a delicious-smelling aura to your home. Opt for scents such as warm vanilla, pumpkin spice, and Fall-inspired scents. Place them on your coffee table, in the bathroom cabinets during your baths, and everywhere else you want to smell great.

11. Halloween-Themed Kitchen

Who says a Halloween-themed kitchen can’t be cheap? Using dish towels that use bold Halloween and fall colors, placing unique spooky figures and cookie jars on your kitchen countertops, and buying a Halloween-themed kitchen mitten and potholder are simple yet effective steps to amp up your Halloween party home decor. Buy kitchen magnets that your kids can use on the fridge that are Halloween inspired too, and make the most out of small trinkets that can spruce up your kitchen.

12. Roof Decorations

Some of the spookiest and boldest Halloween party home decor props are those that are placed on the roof! Huge realistic spiders and tentacles are some of the more popular, and creative looking, roof decorations you can find. Shop at your local hardware store to find the best deals on these roof decorations, and scare the neighborhood silly.

13. Cute Area Rugs

If you have carpet flooring, area rugs that are Halloween-themed can be the perfect fit for your home. Carpet flooring allows you to have smaller area rugs that are both functional, as well as decorative. If you have hardwood, you might have to invest in a bigger rug to make it seem purposeful. However, a Halloween-themed rug that is large in size might not be too easy to find! Use area rugs near your doorway, coffee tables, near your kitchen entrance, and even in your outside patio areas.

14. Traditional Skulls

Skulls and skeletons are as essential to a Halloween party home decor as pumpkins are! Skulls are also great to show culture, such as decorated sugar skulls used in traditional Mexican Dia de Los Muertos celebrations. Show off your colorful and creative side by using sugar skulls, or go modern by using crystal or stainless steel skulls. Either way, make your Halloween statement using these timeless Halloween decorations.

15. Lawn Decorations

Lawn decorations are some of the hottest trends right now, and that includes Halloween party home decor. Some lawn decorations you can get are giant skeletons, blow-up Halloween-inspired ghouls and ghosts, or even simple headstones to make your lawn look like a spooky cemetery. Before you start buying your lawn decorations, make sure to turn your sprinkler system off, and contact plumbing services to prevent an accident from soaking your lawn decorations. If you live in a particularly cold area where it snows, it’s also best to contact plumbing services during the Halloween season to winterize your sprinkler system also!

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