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Several Reasons Why Installing Turfgrass is an Excellent Idea

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While not all homes throughout the United States have lawns in their front or backyard, many do. Since a naturally healthy lawn has curb appeal, you may want to consider having turfgrass installed.

When you already have a well-designed and maintained landscape, adding turfgrass can increase your home’s property value by 15% to 20%. Even if you’re not planning to sell your property in the foreseeable future, just knowing your house has raised in value may inspire you to engage in other home improvement projects.

Why You Want Environmentally Responsible Lawn Care Services

Whether you already have turfgrass in your front or backyard or are planning to have it installed soon, you want it to appear as well as be healthy. Since using products such as pesticides and fungicides can damage the eco-system, you want to have an organic lawn care specialist care for your lawn.

Every year, roughly 70 million pounds of pesticides are dispersed onto lawns in the United States. This is considerably more than is used on America’s farmlands. Acre for acre, it is approximately 10 times the amount, and it is unclear why so many people choose to apply such an excessive amount of pesticides.

Some fungicides and pesticides are known to kill 60% to 90% of the earthworms living in the soil where they are applied, according to the Virginia Cooperative’s “Nutrient Management for Lawn Service Companies.” It is also possible that these substances are killing over 90% of the worms in some areas.

Birds, too, suffer and die from coming into contact with pesticides. It’s believed that 60 to 70 millions birds die in the United States every year due to this toxic substance.

Nitrogen, which is present in fertilizer, can run off or leach away. About 40% to 60% of this substance will then end up in ground water, surface water, and wells. This contaminant obviously affects the quality of drinking water as well as water used for other purposes, such as irrigation.

How Environmentally Responsible Lawn Care Services Will Impact Your Lawn’s Health

When lawns are dense and healthy, they can prevent run-off during rain storms. Furthermore, when lawns are in good condition, they are known to be 6 times more effective in absorbing rainfall than other types of ground cover.

It has also been shown that turfgrass is effective with pollution control. An estimated 12 million tons of dust, dirt, and other debris is trapped by turfgrass every year. As a result, these substances are not released into the atmosphere.

Another benefit of turfgrass is that it has a significant cooling effect. When just 8 average houses in a neighborhood have turfgrass, it has the collective cooling effect of approximately 70 tons of air conditioning. It is interesting to note that this is considerably more cooling power than an average home-size central air system, which only has a 3 to 4 ton capacity.

When you use environmentally responsible lawn care services, you are not only taking care of your own property, you are also contributing to your neighborhood and community’s well-being.

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