Renting a Storage Unit? Consider These Factors to Choose the Right Size

In the United States, there are 58,000 self storage facilities. With this number in mind, it’s clear that it may take some serious research on your end to make sure that you’re choosing a storage unit company that meets your needs. However, the decisions don’t end once you’ve decided on a company, as you’ll still need to choose the right storage unit size for your volume of possessions. With that in mind, here are just a few factors to consider when choosing your storage unit size.

Current Estimated Volume of Possessions

The size of the average American home has doubled since the 1970s, but do your best to try to estimate the approximate volume of all of your belongings put together. Ideally, this should be done before your home reaches its maximum capacity regarding furniture and items you want to keep around. Overestimate the volume of your possessions is the safer route, although it may sometimes result in getting a bigger storage unit size than you need.

Length of Storage Unit Rental

According to a Self Storage Association study, by 2007 50% of self-storage users were storing what wouldn’t fit in their homes, but before you determine the size you think is right, consider the length of time you anticipate keeping your items in storage. Are these items that have only been used a few times? Are they antiques that have been passed down from the family and are being kept in storage for safekeeping? Usually, if you’re renting for a shorter period of time, you can get away with a smaller unit, but there are always exceptions.

Likeliness of Major Life Change

Finally, it helps to take a moment to think about the likelihood that you’ll experience a major life change in the near future, whether it’s a marriage, a divorce, a death in the family, etc. If you’re not quite certain about your stability, it may be better to get a larger storage unit than you need to accommodate for extra and unexpected items.

Out of all U.S. households, 8.96% of them rent a self storage unit, but before determining your unit size, thinking about these aspects can help you make the right choice. For more information about storage unit sizes, contact Stevens Creek.

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