3 Quick Tips for Choosing the Perfect Living Room Carpet

When it comes to interior design, too often, the floor goes overlooked. Your floors are one of the biggest surface areas in your home! Don’t waste that precious space for injecting color, personality, and comfort to any living space.

One great way to upgrade the look and feel of your living room is with soft carpets. Since hardwood covers 34% of floors in survey participants’ homes, adding living room carpets and rugs can provide much-needed underfoot comfort and warmth.

If you’re thinking about adding living room carpet, be sure to choose the right style. Here are three quick tips for selecting a carpet that complements and completes your living room:

1. Select a Durable Material

Carpets come in a variety of materials and thicknesses to provide different options to homeowners. If the living room you’re carpeting receives heavy traffic (as most living rooms do), you might want to select a more durable, less fluffy material. For sturdy but soft carpets for living rooms, look for a 35- to 40-ounce face weight, a tuft twist of at least five, and a density rating of 2,000 or more. Your carpet supplier should be able to help you find these numbers so you can select the appropriate carpets.

2. When it Comes to Color, Stay Neutral

You want a neutral but still interesting carpet to complement your living room furniture, curtains, and other design elements. Since sofas come in fewer colors than paint or carpet, choose your furniture first. Then, select your carpet. Remember that the carpet will take up a significant amount of space. As such, choose a color that won’t overpower the room, like a warm gray of earthy beige.

3. Explore with Shapes and Patterns

While your carpet should coordinate with the rest of the living room, it doesn’t have to be boring! Explore soft carpets with cut-and-loop patterns or even multicolor flecks. Carpets with flecked hues tend to look cleaner and more visually dynamic than carpets with fibers in a single color.

Choosing a carpet can be tricky. You want flooring that will be comfortable for your family, match your decor, and last for several years. Use these three tips to find the perfect carpet for your living room. For more help selecting living room carpets, contact us at Stickler Furniture today!

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