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New Acoustical Building Products Combine Beauty and Functionality

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New soundproofing building materials make it possible for designers and architects to create healthier buildings. It can be challenging to incorporate sound and soundproofing into the design of large public buildings like hospitals, schools, restaurants, concert halls, and even shopping malls. In such environments, external sounds need to eliminated while the quality of internal sounds has to be enhanced. Materials like soundproofing walls and acoustical accent clouds make it possible to incorporate sound design while fulfilling aesthetic considerations as well.

Why sound matters
The presence and absence of sound is coming to be recognized as an important element in architecture. In buildings like schools and hospitals, a quiet environment without any exterior sounds is conducive to healing and learning. For concert halls and studios, it’s important not only to eliminate exterior noise but the ensure the quality of interior sound. The sound should not echo or bounce and t should be clear and free of distortion.
In large open spaces like shopping malls, restaurants and even airport terminals, the use of damping techniques and acoustic building products can make it possible to have important conversations despite the noisy surroundings. New building products like ceiling clouds and decorative laminates make soundproofing walls easier.

Soundproofing walls is a health issue
Soundproofing walls can help reduce exposure to loud noises in the workplace or at home. Researchers have found that regular exposure to loud sounds over the level of 80 decibels is associated with a higher risk of serious diseases like heart disease and even learning defects.
Many people are exposed to loud sounds at work, causing hearing problems. The number of people who suffer from high frequency hearing loss is as high as 26 million people. That’s about 15% percent of all Americans between the ages of 20 and 69. Exposure to loud sounds can happen at work or during leisure activities. Innovative new building materials like sound insulation panels can help minimize and even eliminate the health risks due to noise exposure.

Combining function and beauty
Soundproofing is achieved through some combination of four different strategies. Designers can use tactics like adding mass, decoupling, damping and filling air gaps to soundproof rooms. New materials that combine beauty with functionality make it possible to add soundproofing without sacrificing design considerations.
In fact, materials like decorative acoustic ceiling tiles and acoustic wall coverings can become part of the design. They combine function with beauty, reducing the health risks associated with regular exposure to loud noises.

Soundproofing walls can make all the difference to the quality of life and work in different types of buildings. Ceiling clouds and soundproof wall panels give designers and architects the tools to create beautiful, productive and healthy spaces for living and working.

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