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Implement Smart Lighting While Keeping Fixtures

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It’s easy for a homeowner to hear the phrase smart lighting and feel overwhelmed. You might think that smart lighting means having to entirely transform your home which isn’t true. Technology has made this new form of lighting easily accessible to many homeowners. You’ll be surprised to know that a lighting professional isn’t necessary to install many smart lighting devices. In this post, you will learn how to implement smart lighting into your home.

Consider Using Smart Sockets

No one wants to have to replace every light bulb within their home, especially ones that have been recently replaced. Luckily, there are sockets available that can be used with the bulbs you already have. One common concern is if lighting elements must be replaced. Many people have designer lighting elements within their homes that they don’t want to replace which is understandable.

Homeowners can still keep the finest lighting brands proudly displayed by using smart sockets. The bottom base of a smart socket allows for traditional light bulbs to easily be placed inside. The end result of using smart sockets is being able to have smart lighting without replacing your fixtures or bulbs.

Smart Plugs Work Well for Standing Light Fixtures

Many people love using smart lighting within their home. You might wonder how to make contemporary lighting fixtures smarter. One recent innovation allows any standing light fixture to be plugged into a smart plug. This smart plug transforms these fixtures into smart fixtures that can be adjusted from your phone.

Certain homeowners may want to create a smart home while in the middle of a renovation. If you are working with any electrical equipment, it’s best to call a lighting professional. You don’t want to risk injury while working with live electricity.

The Benefits of Smart Lighting

It’s understandable to wonder if making the switch to smart lighting is worth it. Smart lighting is actually a wise purchasing decision to make. Here are three benefits of transforming your home to smart lighting systems. You will want kitchen pendant lights to be 36-48 inches from the countertop.

  1. Useful in Every Room

    There are no limits to where smart light bulbs can be used within the home. One popular room to implement smart lighting is the kitchen. The kitchen is an ideal room for entertaining guests.
  2. Cost Savings

    Lighting makes up for 7-10% of all energy consumed within a home. It’s understandable that many homeowners want to see their monthly lighting bills decrease. Smart lighting allows you to easily dim lights in order to reduce power usage. You don’t even need a lighting professional to begin creating a smartly lit home.
  3. Increased Convenience

    Smart lighting allows you to adjust light settings from the comfort of your smartphone. People who entertain guests know the lighting is crucial during a party. You don’t want to run all over your home in an effort to adjust light settings. Instantly brightening or dimming room lighting from your phone is a huge benefit of smart lighting.
  4. Creation of Better Lighting Environments

    Sunlight drastically affects the lighting of a room. Smart light sockets allow you to adjust high end lighting fixtures to your specifications. You won’t always want to have rooms within the home brightly lit. Some of the finest lighting brands are designed to accent a room without filling it with too much light. Using smart lighting sockets allows you to further control the lighting to the needs of you and your guests. If you are changing the lighting in the dining room, the brightest area needs to be above this room’s table.

In closing, implementing smart lighting within your home has never been easier. You’ll find that purchasing smart sockets means not having to buy entirely new light fixtures. Smart lighting allows you to save money, increase convenience, and customize light within your home. If you feel overwhelmed at the thought of smartening up the lighting in your home, you’ll want to have a lighting professional provide assistance.

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