Make Your Own Cedar Fence For Your Home

If you are looking for your next big home project, it might be time to look at your backyard. An old, classic fence is no longer the best option for your home. Instead, you should consider building your own cedar fence panels as a more unique solution for backyard privacy. In this video, you will learn how you can easily DIY this project.

Video Source

The first step is to obviously buy your wood. You’re going to want to get decent quality cedar, perhaps from a local mom and pop shop, or a bigger chain. Take measurements of the space you want to build before you go, and bring them with you in order to buy the correct size cedar pieces. Once you get back,. the man in this video recommends cutting down the edges slightly, as they can become frayed by the shop you bought them. Having nice clean edges helps the overall finish of the fence.

After that, create end caps to secure the pieces together and some braces to lay across. You’ll also want to ensure that you are leaving the correct amount of space between each wood piece. Once that is all complete, and you have finished the fence, add some lights for decor and finally put the fence up.

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