How Does Your Home Plumbing Work?

If you want to know more about what a plumber does or how plumbing works, you might want to watch this video. It contains useful information on how home plumbing works. There are four major components to a home plumbing system.

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One is waste drains, which carry waste down to the main drain. The majority of homes have these outside, since it is easier for a plumber to access them this way. If the home doesn’t have any municipal services, there would be a septic tank instead of sewers.

Additionally, there are waste vents. When the toilet is flushed, these equalize out the negative pressure and relieve any buildup in the municipal sewer line.

The third component is potable water, which comes from the street. There are shutoff valves, one there for the purpose of allowing the city to shut off the water. If there are no municipal services, the water will come from a well instead.

The fourth component is a rainwater management system. Basically, the rainwater and sewage need to be separated in order to make the management of the water easier. The gutters divert the water away from the building.

There is definitely a lot of information that is worth learning about home plumbing.

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