Luxury Renovation Guide for Before You Sell Your Home

Selling your home is stressful, and there are so many factors to consider before getting the sale sorted and being able to move. A luxury renovation may be just what you need to get that boost in the sale. Indeed, you want to be able to sell your home at a higher price and not just flog it for as low as possible, benefiting only the buyer. After all, it’s been your home, your pride and joy, and for some people, this may have been many years. In this post, we want to share some pointers to help you get the best for your home by just doing a few renovations.

Renovating your home doesn’t have to be very expensive, but make no mistake, the process will cost some. Depending on what you do or want to be done for your home, you can pay quite a lot or a bit less. Still, any improvements will help increase the home’s value, making selling your property easier.

Upgrade to Tinted Windows

Tinted windows are not only reserved for motor vehicles, and they shouldn’t be. UV tint is a special coating that protects against the sun and provides privacy in your home. If you’re living in an apartment, you may not have the same liberties of tinting your property windows as living in a house.

The advantages of tinted windows include but are not limited to privacy from your neighbors or people walking past your home. It also helps keep your home cooler on hot days, reducing UV rays. In turn, this helps lower the cost of utilities aimed at using electronic air conditioners and other cooling devices. As if that wasn’t enough good news, UV tint for your home’s windows can also help lower the risk of items fading. Your local residential window tinting service can help you get all your home’s windows tinted using quality material.

Improve the Plumbing in the Home

Hiring certified plumbers can help you fix any plumbing issues and upgrade existing ones. You may want to install a solar-powered geyser or boiler to heat up the water. You can also consider installing water filtration systems so that the quality is better throughout the home. Install a dishwasher and if you don’t use a dishwasher, use a plug in the sink to stop the water from flowing away; as a result, you’ll use less water.

Install Energy Efficient Products

Opt for energy-saving items like solar power to reduce electricity bills. This is considered a luxury renovation, and all homes ought to have energy efficiency as we all seek to reduce the environmental imprint of our households. Replace regular lights with LEDs because these save even more power. Set your clothes washer on a cool rather than warm wash, and with tinted windows, you’re already doing much better lowering the use of the AC. Use an air fryer or microwave rather than an electric stove or oven. You can also switch out the electric oven top for a gas hob. Install Energy STAR-approved items throughout your home.

Electrical services can assist you with electrical work throughout your home. Making sure that everything is properly connected and that there are no short circuits or issues is important. Before moving, you can hire an electrician to inspect all related aspects and resolve issues accordingly. A home that needs no extra work is always easier sold than one that requires more TLC and renovations, albeit general or a luxury renovation.

Choose Water Saving Products

Install an irrigation system that works at certain times and not throughout the day, as this will minimize the amount of water you use. Instead of washing your car at home, you may opt for a car wash and use their water instead, as theirs is recycled. You may use water from the water tank in your yard if you have one installed or use a bucket with water to wash your car. Instead of hosing away debris and leaves, rather use a leaf rake or broom. Yes, it is harder work, but indirectly, you’ll be getting a bit of a cardio workout too. To help increase your efforts to save water and reduce the water utility, we recommend installing Water Sense items throughout your property.

Fit New Luxury Floors

Another of our favorite luxury renovation points to consider is installing new floors. Sometimes it’s just gotten to the point where those old floors look tired and outdated. For a big and very noticeable change, choose to install floors. Hardwood services might be more expensive depending on whether or not you’re going with original wood like oak or parquet. There are cheaper options such as vinyl or laminate and even tiles. Weigh your options against your budget and see what works best. Also, if you want that wood finish but cannot afford actual wood floors, then vinyl floors are your solution as it gives the wood-look finish at a more affordable price point.

Update Irrigation and Water Reservoirs

If your property doesn’t have one, then think of a water tank as a luxury renovation because it truly is. Water is a vital resource; we need it for our daily lives and everything we do. Not to mention, our bodies are also made up of 60% of water. Water tanks can work to supply water within the house as well as a different reservoir to support things like irrigation and topping up the pool. Having your own clean water will lower costs towards the water supply from the city.

Get Convenience and Clean Air in Summer and Winter

Having an air-conditioning system is vital, especially when living in extremely cold or hot regions. Often people are misled to believe that air conditioners take too much electricity or use too much of the property’s power. This might be true at times, but there are also energy-efficient ac systems that can help lower energy use while you enjoy the convenience of refreshing air. Many ac companies can help you replace your existing unit with a better Energy STAR variation and help with repairs and maintenance.

You can enjoy your air conditioning system on colder days, where it will regulate the air making it warmer. Those with fireplaces may choose to use their fireplace in colder weather conditions, but the air conditioner works too, in case there isn’t a furnace installed.

Give the Carpets a Refresher

You may have a wonderful home fully fitted with wall-to-wall carpets, and you enjoy your carpets and don’t want to uninstall them or anything. If you’re saving money and not going to replace the carpet, go ahead and give it a good clean. Many affordable carpet cleaning companies and systems can help you achieve this with minimum effort if you do it yourself. You can hire professionals to do the carpets, which will cost some, but still, it will be less expensive than replacing the old carpet with new ones or ripping it out for flooring. See what option best suits your budget and work with that.

Spruce up the Windows

Now, you might not have a budget to tint your home’s windows, and true it might seem like a good upgrade, but still, a window treatment company can help. Window treatment is considered a luxury upgrade and will give your windows extra character. Window treatment can add items like blinds, curtains, shutters, or shades. If you sell your home with these, you can make a little extra on that asking price.

A window treatment company can also help you install shutters, blinds, and drapes. A pro tip when installing curtains, if your ceilings are low, is to fit them high. If fitted high, they will give the illusion of tall ceilings and be even more attractive to potential buyers coming to look at your home.

Make Sure the Fireplace is Working

Fireplaces can be dangerous when they are not regularly maintained or used properly. Before moving out, make sure you get the experts in for any furnace repairs, as this will lower any risk of carbon monoxide fumes and other potential dangers. It will also help those moving in to be able to enjoy the place without having to fix major stuff first.

Did you know that the HVAC system might be affected negatively when a furnace is poorly maintained? Since the HVAC filters the air you breathe, a dirty furnace can hinder an air con’s abilities, making it work harder to clean the air. Furnace repair companies may first do an inspection to assess the work to be done. After this, a clear picture is painted of the job that needs doing. The company may also identify additional mechanical work needed to be done, and there are the wiring and components that should all work.

A Real Estate Agent Can Help You Choose

Have you considered where in the States you want to live? Your estate agent will help you when it comes to buying a property. Realtors know a lot about buying houses, and they are also thoroughly skilled in knowing what locations are best for your lifestyle, work, and anything you need. Once your home is sold, it’s time to look for a new home and one that checks all your boxes. You may even find a home you are totally in love with but are still willing to do a luxury renovation to personalize it to your liking even more.

Install a Swimming Pool

Few things are as fun as enjoying a dip in the pool on a hot day. The family will love it, just as will you. It might cost a bit, but there are so many options these days. A pool is on top with luxury renovation ideas because it adds so much more sophistication. Pools increase the home’s value too. If you already have a pool, then have it checked that it is still in good order and have the professionals service it.

Install a Hot Tub

Not everyone is big on hot tubs, but even hot tubs have some amazing health benefits. A hot tub, no matter what the brand, is a luxury renovation by itself. Just like pools, hot tubs can be installed in or above ground. It’s great for relaxing, taking a break, or winding down after a busy day. With a hot tub, your asking prices can increase.

Are you still undecided?

Here are nine advantages of getting renovations done on your home.

  • You increase the ROI.
  • You have a chance to enjoy energy-saving products reducing your bills while you wait for the sale.
  • You are making your home more efficient and better to live in.
  • Your lifestyle automatically improves with all the luxury renovation enhancements.
  • You enjoy spending time at home.
  • Your home is more appealing to potential buyers.
  • Leaving a lasting good impression on visitors to your home and, most importantly, for potential buyers.
  • You can make your home more family or entertainer focused and add these extras if you want to appeal to a specific group.
  • You’ll have accomplished something to be proud of.

Sure, some luxury renovations may require you to replace appliances, but on the other hand, you may be getting new appliances in the place you’re moving to. Selling your property with new and improved appliances will guarantee an increase in your ROI. You can also add points to the advert of all the things replaced or improved and give the potential buyer an idea of why the asking price is what it is. If there is any haggling to reduce the asking price, at least you should be able to get a bit more, seeing as there are so many fixes. Even a new appliance can include the selling price, which is fair to the buyer and the seller.

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