Don’t DIY Your Roof! Use These 10 Tips to Find a Quality, Dependable Roofing Professional

Broward County is one region with a unique set of laws. In 2023, you cannot peel and stick in this county. You must invest well in the roofing or face the full force of the law even when the weather fails to spare your roof. That said, you must look for the best roofing companies in Broward County, FL.

How Would You Identify Best Roofing Companies in Broward?

In 2021, Broward County was estimated to have over 1.9 million people. And in 2023, it’s estimated to be over 2 million. This is a high population to attract several contractors. In fact, roofing companies have increased due to easier ways to reach clients through the internet. But what would matter to you is the service quality. So, how would you know the best roofing companies in Broward County?

Below, we will walk you through various ways to identify a reliable roofing company for your home. Read on:

1. Find Companies With Local Addresses

A report shows that local contractors are better than contractors outside the county. Why? Local contractors know the benefits and the limitations of the town. For instance, if the area experiences harsh weather, a team of contractors living in the region is more likely to understand the weather better. As such, they will advise you on the best materials for your home roof repair.

Secondly, a company with a physical office around the county is easier to access once you have an emergency. For example, if the roof is warranted, reaching them for repairs in an emergency is easier. Moreover, a local company will spend the money within your economy so that you will be helping your town’s economy.

One disadvantage of outside County contractors is that they move with the roofing storms. Some companies may offer low-quality services at a lower cost and move to the next area with a big storm. This challenge hits homeowners because most companies don’t follow the local roofing codes nor offer warranties.

2. The Company Must Be Licensed, Bonded, and Insured Within Broward County

What are the license, bond, and insurance benefits? Many people would want their job done and transactions made, and that’s enough. But these three documents are essential for your safety. So, before hiring a company, check and confirm they have them. Below is an explanation of what they mean and how they help you as a client.

A license is issued by the relevant authorities in Broward to show that the contractor has been examined and confirmed for qualification to offer roofing service. Normally, the contractors take trade exams together with business and law exams. For a contractor to qualify, they must attain at least 70% in the exam.

Contractors must have a general contractor’s license because roofing projects are large. This is the best way to know the authorities recognize the contractor.

Another important document is the bond. A bond ensures that the company completes your project, but if they go out of business in the middle of the project, the bond company can compensate you. Having a bond is an assurance that the company does its business ethically.

Insurance is the third document to consider because it ensures your properties are covered in case of loss or accident. A good company should have all their workers and the assets like vehicles insured. All these documents should be acquired through Broward County offices.

3. Look for a Company With an Experienced Roofing Team

Checking on the team’s experience is another great way to find the best roofing companies in Broward County. Experience is determined by the number of years or the duration they have offered clients services. When looking for the best company, never assume things. Rather, speak to the roofing team and hear their knowledge about various roofing materials and projects.

Why should you target the roofing team? Many contractors offer services in packages. They have roof cleaning, kitchen experts, tiling specialists, and other team members. These teams may have different experiences. And that’s where many homeowners go wrong. Never check on the tiling reviews and conclude the roofers are the best without checking on what they do.

That said, approach one of the roofers at the job site or make a phone call to discuss what they know about the projects related to yours. This will help you know which materials to use for all seasons. A good roofer will also recommend to you good roofing material suppliers.

4. Good Roofers Should Give You a Warranty

You need a roof replacement service or repairs. But you must look for a contractor that stands behind their workmanship. Roof warranties will protect your roof investment. For instance, if the roof leaks before the warranty ends, you can call the contractor to cover the repair costs.

Also, considering that Broward County weather can sometimes be harsh, the contractor will cover the cost if what they advise you does not work. Although some contractors don’t offer warranties, it very crucial factor you must consider before accepting their offers. Most warranties last for one year, two years, five years, twenty years, and more, depending on the quality of the material used.

Another important thing to note with companies offering warranties is that they take pride in being accountable for their services. This is a perfect way to know you have landed a good roofer.

5. Check for the Company Certification

Certification adds credibility to the company’s expertise. And the best way to identify the best roofing companies in Broward County is through certification from roofing material suppliers. For example, shingle manufacturers pick a specific number of contractors they trust for their services.

These suppliers inspect various contractors’ projects and determine whether they are perfect partners to work with their company. For instance, if the contractor offers a new residential roof in the best way, they will observe several of their next projects and determine whether to certify them. This enables the contractor to get enhanced warranties for their clients from shingle manufacturers.

The best way to know whether residential roofing contractors are certified is by looking at their website. Another perfect way to know their certification is to request the relevant documents. And this is the perfect way to know the best roofing companies in Broward County.

6. Read Online Reviews From Their Recent Customers

93% of consumers read online reviews before they purchase goods or services from a company. It’s true finding a good service provider is easier with the internet. So, why shouldn’t you take advantage of the online reviews and avoid risking your hard-earned cash on an expensive metal roof?

You can learn much about a company through online reviews. However, not that some people don’t review appropriately. But once you have observed a number of people posting good or negative statements about a certain service, you can use it to make a wise decision.

One of the best platforms for reviews is Facebook. Check a specific company’s Facebook page and read what their past clients say about their services. Secondly, visit Google reviews or their website. Although some company website reviews can get exaggerated, google reviews do not have big errors.

Another beneficial factor is checking the company’s youtube channel for video comments. Be specific and search a company’s services video and read comments from their followers. And if there are hidden faults, you will notice them very easily.

Note that good companies do not turn off commenting on their services. If the team positively interacts with clients and does transparent work, they will have nothing to hide. Ideally, check for recent reviews and comments for at least three months to determine if the company team is good at their services.

7. Ask for the Past 6 Months References

Searching for the best roofing companies in Broward County can be challenging because many companies advertise their services online. But once you have defined your goals in roofing projects, you can pick at least three or four companies to visit. So, what is the last thing you do after speaking to a potential roofing contractor? You ask for references.

The best references from the contractors are from jobs they completed in the past three to six months. A contractor who offers quality services will be proud to show you references. But if they are hesitant, then you should look for another contractor.

References from roofing contractors have three major benefits. First, you can call their past customers and ask about their experience with the team. Note that most customers may not leave negative reviews on the company’s website, but they can share their experience privately on phone calls.

Secondly, reference build trust between you and the contractor even before the contract starts. But don’t allow the contractor to pick references from their favorite customers. Instead, review all reviews and choose a number of recent clients to call.

Finally, references allow you to see the final quality of the contractor’s workmanship. By seeing the finished roof from the contractor, you can have a clear image of the services they would offer at your home.

8. Go for a Company Willing to Write an Estimate for You

Getting an estimate at the first point of discussion or viewing the roof is the best way to identify the best roofing companies in Broward County. An estimate shows that the customer service team is keen to take your needs. For example, when you speak about changing a roof, the team should immediately give you a roof replacement cost based on your needed materials.

So, what are the benefits of getting an estimate? First, more accurate estimates help run the project easily. This is because you prepare and gather your finances for the smooth execution of the project. Secondly, you complete the project faster since it runs uninterrupted because of good preparation.

On the other hand, the estimate helps build stronger relationships with the company. This is because you can easily call and get estimates of various projects you may need for your home. Moreover, a good relationship means you will get quick responses on warranty issues.

9. Check for Transparency and Honesty

When searching for the best roofing companies in Broward County, you should ignore checking for honesty and transparency. How do you look for transparency and honesty? One best way is asking questions and observing how they respond to them.

An honest company will explain everything and provide relevant documents. On the other hand, you can ask the customer service team the following questions:

  • Would you file claims with my home insurance?
  • Can you give me references to check?
  • Would you offer a free roof inspection?
  • Can I have a written estimate after the inspection?
  • How much are roofing repairs?
  • Will my roof be covered by a manufacturer warranty?
  • Do you have disposal charges for old roofing materials? Would you recycle old roofing materials?

10. Ask for Referrals from Colleagues, Friends, and Family

Referrals are a proven way to land the best service providers. Although many people would ignore referrals, they are the best because you speak to close people with experience about a potential company. This way, you confidently contact the company, knowing you will get the worth of your investment in the end.

However, target at least family members, colleagues, and friends to hear views from two or three people about a company. Finally, visit their offices to learn more about their services because you may negotiate and get a good offer.

With the current technology, getting the best roofing companies in Broward County is easier. Apply the above tips and land the best offers for your roofing job. Remember, a reliable company must have a license, bond, and insurance certificate. Also, go for a warranty to protect your investment.

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