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The Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge located on Hatteras Island is known for having four hundred species of birds. Jockeys Ridge State Park in Nags Head is the home of the tallest sand dune on the East Coast with some peaks being over ninety feet. Another attraction in the area is the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse which over one hundred thousand people climbed in 2011. Hatteras Island and the areas around it serve as a great spot for a number of different attractions, some of which are listed above and can truly be a great vacation destination. There are luxurious Hatteras rentals nearby as well so that you can stay in a relaxed private environment instead of a noisy hotel for the best experience possible. Check out the various Hatteras rentals on the net and choose the one you think is ideal for you and your family.

Orville and Wilbur Wright selected Kitty Hawk as the spot where they were going to experiment with aircraft starting in 1900 because the sand dunes helped gliding and the population was sparse. There are over six hundred shipwrecks off the North Carolina cost that include WWII vessels, Civil War ships, and pirate ships. You can explore the coast along with visit the area at which the Wright Brothers practiced flying by renting one of the Hatteras rentals or Kitty Hawk rentals nearby. There are many other places to stay as well such as in Nags Head vacation rentals, North carolina beach house rentals, Outer Banks house rentals, or Corolla rentals depending on which area you want to visit most.

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