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An Overview of the Military DITY Move Program

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Members of the military who are forced to change locations due to a government procured move have the option of enrolling in a dity move program. This voluntary program offers military members monetary reimbursement for packing, shipping and moving their own belongings.

The government will often cover military moving expenses when a member of the service has been assigned to a temporary duty, temporary additional duty, or a permanent change of station. The dity move program allows members of the military to move their own belongings and not rely upon other individuals to pack, ship and move these belongings.

Military members who enroll in the dity move program must move their belongings using one of the authorized methods. The authorized methods of shipping and moving personal belongings during a military move in the dity move program include using a personally owned vehicle, using a privately owned trailer, shipping belongings using parcel post, or hiring a commercial moving company.

The amount of money the military will pay for a dity move will vary depending upon a number of factors. The distance involved in moving the personal belongings, where the personal belongings are going and the authorized weight allowance will all impact the amount the government will pay for the move.

When a member of the military enrolls in a dity move program they will be reimbursed the amount of money the government would have spent for that particular move. A dity move calculator can help military members determine how much money they will receive for their move. The dity move calculator uses the Government Constructed Cost, or GCC, to define how much the government would have paid for the move and gives the military member an idea of what their moving budget will be.

An added benefit of enrolling in the dity move program from the government includes the insurance coverage. All belongings that are shipping using the military dity move program are covered under a $25,000 insurance policy. This insurance policy covers theft, loss of items and any damage that may happen to the belongings that are being shipped.

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