Keep Your Restaurant Safe: 3 Areas to Focus On

If you’re a restaurant owner, in addition to keeping your customers happy and your food tasty, you need to ensure that everyone who steps foot inside your restaurant is safe and free from injury.

In order to prevent injuries around your restaurant, it’s important to be aware of all the possible risks on every inch of your establishment. Here are some key areas that can be dangerous if your employees and consumers aren’t careful, or if you aren’t safely prepared:

  • The Kitchen — A restaurant’s kitchen is the most important area in the building, but it’s also the most dangerous. There are all kinds of electrical hazards that can cause serious injuries around the kitchen. Additionally, since there are often spills and water from dishwashers on the floor of the kitchen, slips and falls often lead to restaurant injuries. In fact, more than 17% of all disabling injuries across the workplace are caused by slips and falls. Placing adhesive bath mats down on the kitchen floor can help prevent these injuries.

    Also, make sure your kitchen employees have the right safety equipment like durable dishwashing globes, protective safety glasses, and pot holders and oven mitts to prevent major burns.


  • The Bathroom — Your customers aren’t ever going to walk into the kitchen, but they will certainly frequent your restaurant’s bathroom. Make sure you’re keeping the floors clean and dry to avoid painful slips. The aforementioned adhesive bath mats are great for providing the necessary traction inside bathrooms, as well. Simply peel and stick bath mats wherever you want in your bathroom. Whether it’s a large bathroom or a small one, make sure everyone who enters on two feet leaves on two feet.


  • The Parking Lot — The parking lot can be a dangerous area for any business, but especially for restaurants because people often spend long hours there and leave at night. Make sure that there is adequate lighting across the parking lot and designate any hazardous area with yellow fluorescent reflective tape.

Additionally, it’s important that you train each and every employee so they are fully aware of how to effectively operate all the restaurant equipment. By talking about safety inside your restaurant, you’ll effectively be promoting safe workplace practices.

If you want to learn more about keeping your establishment safe and find high-quality adhesive bath mats, adhesive stair grip tape and safety track tape, and more safety products, give Safe Way Traction a call right away.

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